Comparison: Galaxy S6 Camera Of Samsung Or Sony

The different camera sensors in the Samsung Galaxy S6 provide quality differences in the photos–a comprehensive comparison test, in which the cameras with sensor tested by Samsung and Sony sensor in different light conditions comes to this result.
As became known in early may, Samsung used the Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy edge not always the same sensor for the camera. The reason for this should be a bottleneck for the actually used Sony IMX240 sensor which forced Samsung to build the own ISOCELL sensor. A test of SamMobile shows that the two sensors are not absolutely identical.
Comparison Galaxy S6 Camera Of Samsung Or Sony-1
Sony During Daylight Hours Better, Samsung In The Dark
For the test, SamMobile has shot images with two versions of the Galaxy S6, each using the other sensor. All pictures were taken in auto mode to simulate the situation of the average user.
In the results of IMX240 by Sony proves, primarily during daylight hours, as the clear winner: the photos have more dynamic and warmer colors and have more depth. The ISOCELL, however, provides an originalgetreuere color rendering than the Sony sensor in low light conditions.
Comparison Galaxy S6 Camera Of Samsung Or Sony-2
This means that not all owners of Galaxy S6 or S6 can make identical photos edge with their devices. Samsung even though admitted this fact, but provided neither an explanation nor an apology: “the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge use camera sensors from several different suppliers. Like all of the technology that is used in our products are consistent with our strict global standards for quality and performance.”