Compulsory Swimming Lessons in Schools

In holiday periods attract many families to campsites and holiday parks. Ideal for children are all kinds of nice amenities, such as playgrounds and pools. Unfortunately, it seems that many children can not swim long as their parents think. By being able to swim insufficiently children more often in bathing waters in trouble.

School Swimming

Years ago it was set by the government in the form of swimming lessons, swim in the curriculum of the school and its predecessors. The weekly swimming lessons, for one or sometimes two academic years, came all the kids to swimming certificates, or even swim diploma B or C. The number of incidents has decreased. The government, parents and children happy. Swimming was a safer activity.

Kinking in the cable

But the school swimming give sometime a problem for which solutions must be developed.

  • School swimming took a disproportionate amount of teaching time.
  • School swimming took a lot of money.
  • In addition, the question arose whether the school swimming was indeed still necessary.

Teaching time

The school week for primary school children are on average about 23 hours, in the lower groups are often less in the superstructure groups any more. Most time spent on subjects such as math, reading and language. In addition, lessons are given in world orientation courses, creative arts and sports. On top of this, all subjects and topics that are the community and the government that they should have a place in education. As new courses have seen the light as “healthy lifestyle”, “social movements”, “technology”, etc. all have to stand together in a balanced relationship. Too little time is devoted to mathematics or languages, then after a few years to go, the test results back, which then leads to social unrest. Balance and careful planning is very important.

Swimming During School

With the above in mind also had swimming lessons planned. A half-hour per week swimming in the curriculum, but it took much longer. Almost no school has its own pool, so children have to be transported from the school to the pool and back. At the pool is accessed, it must of course be changed and better for swimming lessons and dressed again. If you take everything you need for a swimming lesson in half an hour soon another half hour. Not a very effective teaching and transform the curriculum immediately under pressure.


Swimming lessons cost money. The pool must be open, the water should be controlled and temperature. The swimming lessons are not given by the class teacher, but by qualified instructors. All this costs money, and the government also began to wonder if it is not different, it may be cheaper.


In addition to swimming lessons at, parents were to consider that it would be a good idea to make children’s swimming lessons. This meant that more and more children came, as already shown in the school swimming lesson necessary swimming certificate.


The combination of these three choices made it possible to make a new choice. By eliminating school swimming money could be saved and remained there enough teaching time for other indispensable and drawers. Moreover, removal of swimming lessons is hardly a problem because many children had already swimming certificate. There were earlier schools where children have two academic years, every week had a swimming lesson, now there are only a limited number of schools where maybe a year or even less a Swimming lessons per week on the program, often limited to the time that children A few diplomas. Moreover, it is up to the parents.
Swimming competitions requires much more than swimming certificates A, B, C

well zwemonderwijs

The zwemonderwijs in a water-rich country like the Netherlands have long been at a reasonable level. The general feeling is, therefore, also with parents of young children as the swimming and zwemonderwijs is okay. Swimming makes it seem a safe business. Swimming certificate is sufficient for this group of parents. One thinks that could float and some basic strokes ensure safety, perhaps because they do not always make sense several years to sit once or twice a week, often for a very long time with the kids in the pool. The truth is different. To really learn to swim and safely to the water, swimming require further development. Zwemdiploma B and C quite well, giving more chances of a safe adventure.


For Dutch treat water for granted. To some swimming skills are required, then clear. It is also clear that over the desired level, it is considered to light for many parents. The Netherlands also has many residents who come from other countries. Countries where the presence of water features are less obvious. Parents in this group are less aware of the risks with numerous water with him and think for a bit about it, to let their offspring well zwemonderwijs.

A better choice

In times of economic rear output and dwindling financial resources, must also budgeting parents. Cutting back on correctly and safely zwemonderwijs however, is not wise. If the school your child does not have zwemonderwijs, or just a short time, you go with your child on the way. The Swimming Federation is not for nothing that the Swim ABC created. Children need more than just swimming certificate A be safer in the water.