Creative and Customized Bathroom Decoration

Check the necessary items in the bathroom decoration.
Large or small, the bathrooms are rooms that deserve special attention. In addition to beautiful, they need to be functional. So, the bathroom decor should be considered with great care, choosing elements capable of uniting aesthetics with practicality to the environment asks.

Organization in the Bathroom Decoration

The practicality goes hand in hand with the organization. Therefore, niches, shelves and cabinets are great choices to keep everything in order in the place. Choose whichever is more convenient for your space, taking into account the size of the area that the bathroom has and escape from atravancamentos! To put items of personal hygiene and beauty products, organizing boxes can be a great choice.

Details that Make the Difference

In Leroy Merlin you will find many items, with incredible prices, to leave your beautiful bathroom. Remember that the bathroom is a wet area and you should give preference to items not mofem. Check out some of our suggestions:

Carpets for Bathroom

Choose a carpet to dry area and one for the wet area!

Trash for Bathroom

There are bins for bathrooms in various designs and materials, elect that best matches the location.

Toilet paper case

You can choose toilet paper door floor or wall mounted.

Soap Dishes

The soap dispensers can be wall mounted, which also applies to the bath area, or supported over the sink.


The door-shampoo can be screwed into the wall, attached by suction, embedded in the box or placed on the ground, the important thing is to leave the items organized.

Choosing the Right Sink

There are many types of sinks or tubs for the bathroom. The overlap vats are those embedded in the bench, but with the apparent edges. The models of embedding are those who are completely inserted into the bench. The tanks support are positioned on top of the stands. In general, they give a modern touch to the space. But if you prefer to give up tops and cabinets, the sinks and washbasins dispense these furniture and are suitable for small – sized bathrooms or toilets.

Tabletops, Countertops and Cabinets

The tops are great options to enjoy the space next to the sinks defined on Remz Family ( Installed on the wall, they are usually dishwasher. The benches are the parts that accommodate the tub. They may or may not be on the cabinets. You will find models of various materials such as wood, stone, acrylic, resin, glass and crockery. Finally, choose the office, right to decorate and facilitate the organization of space.

Mirror Is Key

More than a great ally in decoration, the mirror is indispensable. In different shapes and sizes just choose the most suitable for your bathroom. There are also models with cabinet for those who want to optimize the space. For more detailed activities like shaving or a beautiful makeup, count with an option wall or bench! You find the best ideas and offers to decorate your bathroom. With the experience of our advisors, you will choose the best options for your family.