Crystal Body Jewelry

Swarovski crystal white patina money Czech glass beads shoulder bridal necklace. Pearl bridal necklace shoulder. Vintage wedding shoulder

This complex and sensual shoulder broken necklace beads are lavished pearl and crystal as described in special accessory. RAS neck Czech glass woven with silver clusters of heavenly caresses glass beads neck, attached to a focal Preciosa crystal center and celestial pearl, Czech glass framed with woven silver. Finely designed pearl shoulder epaulettes and Czech glass money connected with Czech glass strands and pearl and Swarovski crystal pendant white patina pear is at the end of each shoulder and the bottom of the chest while. Strands of Czech glass and graduated pearl fall elegantly over his shoulders. This beaded shoulder collar to create complex hand is vintage and romantic, goes wonderfully with bridal and evening gowns.
All my jewelery designs are unique and handmade by me, the artist Originalbeading.
Instructions on how to put it:
Take the hoop and toggle clasp the neck and fasten behind the neck as with a typical round neck. Then gently slide the shoulder blades and on the side of each shoulder and back.
Choker is 14 1/2 inches long
Model 38 inch frame shoulder, fits from 38 to 45 inches slung frame, be sure to measure your own scroll-frame design details in my FAQ about adequate measures shoulder