Cup Sizes For Your Swimsuit

It’s not so much the test of the swimsuit that you dread, is rather to find the right swimsuit ! Especially when we have a generous breast size, hard to find the right top of both trend and comfortableswimsuit. Discover lingerie VS a brand specialized in deep cups.Applied also to swimsuits, it will allow you to splash this summer safely without fear an accident of swimsuit. On the VS Lingerie site (link: )).
Enjoy the summer, the beach, the Sun and the pool, but how enjoy 100% moments when not wearing the swimsuit fits your forms ? Your worries will be far behind you with the VS lingerie,lingerie specializes in the deep cups below, the mark think women generously spoiled by nature.Allows you to limit your back problems and make the most of your vacation you relaxing on the beach.
Cups for more comfort on the beach
Have forms it is good, but still need to know the highlight. And for this, nothing better than to wear a swimsuit to its size. Then we forget too small swimsuit that will effect bimbo too important and we adopt deep cups to dress elegance and mark the difference. On the VS lingerie site ( )).
Let’s start with this colourful swimwear and discreet retro patterns. The Underwire bra offer aoptimum support and comfort unequalled in all your travels. A presence of foam will add extra comfort. In short, you will be ready to attack the holidays in all serenity. Bra price: €45.90, available up to the 100G Cup. Price: €24,90.
For those who want to cultivate a look of pinup, this swimsuit would be required. We love the retro side of Red pattern as well as discreet frilly white peas that give all the charm in the swimsuit.Don’t forget the big glasses, hat and sandals compensated for a look perfectly neat. Bra price: €39.92, available up to Cap 100DD. Price: €22,32.
It ends on a more sober note with this top in black swimsuit. Although he remains totally clean and simple, this top has a peculiarity in the seams: we see that the seams marry your shapesand that the thick straps offer maximum comfort. Available in 85H for €37,03.
Swimwear in Cup sizes await you for your convenience on the VS Lingerie website ( You won’t be disappointed to adopt a bra in your size that will allow you to be muchmore comfortable in all your travels. Enjoy the discount prices of the site for bargains for this summer.

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July 17, 2017

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