Custom Vinyl Text Tool

Today we want to talk about the custom vinyl text tool of TeleAdhesivo. For this, we have made a small video that will serve as a tutorial for the use of it, which although it is simple, sure to clarify some points.
You know that the great advantage of this tool is that in a matter of minutes, you can order the vinyl text that you want: a word, phrase etc.You can choose a typeface, a size, a color, choose a background color similar to your wall to see how it would look … once you have reached the end, the vinyl text tool tells you what the price for your personalization And without further ado you can order your purchase quickly.It is a great advantage, because the agility, immediacy and personalization that contributes usually likes all the customers who use it.
Here are a few points from neovideogames that you need to keep in mind:

  • It is possible to indicate a long phrase and then cut it yourself with scissors between two words, for example, to place it in several lines.
  • There are many different fonts , so you can choose the one you like most without problem.
  • Pay attention, if you wear tildes, umlauts, etc.That the font you choose will display correctly.
  • You have several vinyl colors at your disposal.Choose one and it will be the color of your text.
  • Wall color is not printed .It only serves to select one similar to the color of your wall and so you get to the idea of ​​how it can be, but you will only get the letters in the color that you have chosen, not the background.
  • The ” flipped ” option is used to print the letters in mirror effect and then place them on the inner side of a transparent glass.In case it goes on wall, it is not necessary to check this option.
  • At the end, you can choose a height or a width (change one dimension and the other will automatically change to maintain the proportion) for your text and you will see how the price of the vinyl changes .
  • Finally, order your purchase and fill in the necessary fields so that we can send your vinyl text to you quickly.

We hope you enjoy this vinyl text tool. Here are some ideas to inspire you to use the tool:

  • Ideas from phrases taken from TV series
  • GPS coordinates of house to decorate walls