Cut The Rope 2: A Worthy Successor

The recently-launched sequel to Cut The Rope is in all ways a classic that will entertain both new and experienced players.
The something as popular puzzle’s 1982 Cut The Rope, has recently got themselves an impressive 2′ is exactly as expected.
The game “Cut The Rope 2” is the first real 2′ is, as British Zeptolab is ready with, despite the introduction of both Cut The Rope: Experiments, Cut The Rope: Time Travel and Cut The Rops: Holiday Gift.
OM Nom is still candy hungry
As with the original, so the game is all about, that you must help the adorable Om Nom-figure collecting candy, on the more than 120 courses the game offers.
Are you familiar with the game, you will also be able to remember that the main character never left his seat in the original or the aforementioned additions. It is not the case anymore. OM Nom is an active, participating piece in this puzzle game, which despite its childish appearance, still entertains puzzle-lovers of all ages and in all parts of the world.
Have you not yet acquainted with Om Nom, then I highly recommend taking an extra look. Cut The Rope 2 is at the time of writing only available on iOS and on offer for £ 7. Game is also iOS-Universal so you get it both for iPhone & iPad. You download from the App Store here.
There has not yet announced the launch date for the sequel on other platforms, but we even expect right after the new year.