Cyanogenmod Gets 30 Million Dollars to Build More Than Just Smartphones

With the amount of money going to Cyanogen Inc to do anything from wearable tech to TVs targeting the mass market.
Cyanogen Inc, the organisation behind the eventually much-publicized CyanogenMod, has received 23 million dollars from investors for their project about building a better version of Android. Combined with 7 million as they got back in September, they have now enough money to build more than just software for phones.
In addition to making a piece of software has Cyanogen Inc entered into an agreement with Oppo to deliver CyanogenMod as operating system on their N1. Another fire is also on the road with a similar agreement. The plan is for the coming year to move past just to make software for smartphones.

100 million users, the aim is

In an interview with Engadget tells the founder of Cyanogen Inc, Steve Kondik, that its objective is to collect 100 million customers by creating more presence in China, the United States and Europe. When that goal is reached, we will work to make freemium services, an app store, smart watches and other wearable tech as well as television and car technology.
Director Kirk Mcmaster tells to CyanogenMod expects to hit the mass market in late 2014 or early 2015 with an entirely new brand that focuses squarely on the mass market–and that they expect to introduce some completely new experiences.