Cyanogenmod Now Installed on over 10 Million Units

10 million confirmed users of the popular Android-detour CyanogenMod, the actual figure is expected to be higher.
The official CyanogenMod statistics-page now shows that the popular ROME (or immediate variety of CyanogenMod) is now installed on more than 10 million units.
These statistics come from users who voluntarily allows Cyanogen Inc to collect data, the actual figure may, and is expected to be higher.
However, it should be remembered that these figures reflect the number of units and not the number of users, in addition, the devices removed over time if they are not being used actively-the old units in the drawer counter so not with.

There are plenty of other interesting figure to look at, CM 10.1 (Jelly Bean 4.2) is the most popular with CM 10.2 (Jelly bean 4.3) as a number two, however, with barely 50 percent fewer installations.
You can also see that there is a clear preponderance of low-end devices which have long stopped to receive updates through the official channels, it seems to CyanogenMod is a popular choice for people who want to have a later version of Android, than their provider and manufacturer is willing to deliver.