Danes: Free Us for Selfies!

Mobile camera is always at hand, but ‘selfies’ with Obama and madporno at Noma has become poor style.
We snapped pictures like never before with our smartphones, but Facebook friends is not always just excited about our newest platoons. In a new study, Nokia has identified what’s hot or not on the social media.
We wonder what the Danes are most fatigued of social media, equal 55% of the Danes that they are most tired of the infamøse selfies. Number two on the list of social faux-pas is training images, where 41% of Danes are fatigued by andres udfoldelelser by fitness dealers. Eventually wrinkles 39% of Danes on the nose, at the sight of food images.
Should identical pictures bathe in ‘likes’ are so it is other types of images we have to share. The Danes would prefer seeing friends ‘ experiences rather than their performance.
As Nokia’s Scandinavian Communications Manager Edvard Bergström commented: “study shows immediately that the Danes would rather look at pictures of your friends ‘ experiences than their performance. Pictures from the Christmas holidays, beautiful landscapes and images from the celebrations fall apparently better in the Danes ‘ taste. ”
Novus has conducted the survey on behalf of Nokia in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. 3170 people participated, including 1086 Danes.