Decoration in the Shape of Easter Eggs

Easter decorations, which can be both elegant and playful. Using an ordinary balloon you produce your Easter egg into which you can place other elements of Easter. This simple design is suitable for beginners.
We need

  • scissors
  • bavlnky (the thinner the better)
  • liquid starch
  • inflatable balloons (balloons to lower water bombs are good for smaller eggs)


  1. Inflate balloon to a size to have the shape of an egg.How much do you inflate the balloon and the resulting large egg will be.
  2. Liquid starch Pour into a plastic container.Use a large pot of yogurt or something.
  3. Molyneux soak into starch.Norte successively, as a wick to nezacuchala.
  4. Mix gently so that the whole cotton soaked starch.While holding the end of cottons.
  5. Begin to wrap the balloon according to a craft blog – Bestcraftblog. Hold the balloon zauzlovaným end up and give yourself a bowl beneath the balloon, so that any starch to drain and you could use it again. While you get dirty table.
  6. There is no right or wrong way to wrap.It’s also up to you how much bavlnky to balloon namotáte. Get inspired by video, where they are shown different techniques.
  7. Once you have a balloon wrapped as you want, consider a piece of string or other bavlnky to knot the balloon.Balloon curtains to bavlnky could dry up. Below the balloon, place paper towels or newspaper, let them get dirty floor when excess starch will flow.
  8. Bavlnky until they are dry, scissors prostřihněte top end of the balloon.He slowly deflates, and you are one of the holes between the cotton thread pulling out.
  9. Done, Easter decorations in the world.


  • Eggs can do more, different colors and sizes.
  • Cut the eggs into a hole and sit in it for a rabbit or hamper carolers.