Detection from Samsung in a Few Days

As MediaTek back in November published the first true octa-core mobile processor, was the first man over the line in a crazy race between mobile manufacturers. Now looks like a good bet for Samsung’s newest member of the Club
In a week’s time hitting Consumer Electronis Show opened its doors in Las Vegas, and thus the first major electronics trade show shoots in time. It is also the first opportunity for electronics giants, to show the latest technology from the development departments.
Among them is of course the Samsung, which has warmed up to the fair with a tweet, which almost only can be interpreted as a statement that they have solved the octa-core challenge.
Samsung wrote the following on their official Twitter account yesterday:
“#CES2014 is right around the corner. Are you ready to #UnlockExynos? ”
If you look at the last part of the message, so #UnlockExynos almost can refer only to that one has been solved the challenge of Samsung until now, so it has not been clear.
The current Exynos 5410/5420 octa-core chips from the company, have not yet been able to perform Heterogeneous Multi-Processing (HMP). HMP is a simple concept that allows the four small and four large ARM Cortex A7 + A15 processors to work together at the same time.
Galaxy S4 owners should not rejoice too soon. It has been indicated that S4 doesn’t have the necessary hardware, as needed to benefit from the possible octa-core option.
We are, however, much smarter in a week’s time.