Difference between Wallpaper and Wall Sticker

What to put on the walls after another renovation – wall decals or wallpaper? Most people will not think and will respond immediately. Almost all households are followers of the wallpaper. But why is that? Why people are not open to something new?
I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of wallpaper and wall stickers from PVC foil.
First wallpaper are well known. They are in rolls of 10 m. The width of the wallpaper is usually 50 cm. On the other hand you can order stickers for wall almost any size. One side of the stickers is limited to 1.2 meters. But this should not worry you. If you want – large wall decals elements overlap. There was thus obtained application with a rather large size.

Secondly wallpapers are made mostly of paper. Thin or thick, it all depends on the preferences. Yes, lately entered and extravagant models. Individual rolls of thick paper. The images on them are different ornaments and figures. The variety is almost close as that of wall stickers.
Third place all wall decals are placed much easier than wallpaper. We all know how to put wallpaper, right? You need glue area where to put wallpaper, and it spread. Then we have to wait until the glue dries. Putting stickers for wall passes far – easy. You need only masking tape, mock knife and scissors. Centering your wall stickers. Using masking tape pin them to the wall in the corners. Put a long strip of tape in the center of your stickers. Half, cut the base of the film and moves from the center to the corners pasting stickers. Do the same exercise for the other half.
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