Different Styles of Jackets

Soon time to drop your down jacket and switch to a model more lightweight.


We love Its trendy side.
The door With a shirt or a shirt. To get the right proportion if the jacket is long, opt for a miniskirt. If it is short, choose instead a midi skirt. As for the pants, skinny to wide, everything is possible.

We avoid To wear with a dress or a long skirt because too busy outfit will add to your silhouette.


We love Its natural elegance.
We wear With a 7/8 pants and heels. In order to keep a harmonious line and minimalist spirit, choose a top without volume and col. Nothing can exceed this jacket! A nice colored square is allowed, just tied around his neck.
We avoid The pencil skirt and wide trousers: unflattering associations, whether you have a small face or round.


We love His rebellious look.
We wear With a nice female dress or layered with a tunic and a slim, ideal if you have wide hips. No leather pants do not fall into the biker look.
We avoid Better to wait for the sales rather than buying a Perfecto leatherette. A pretty model in real leather will keep for a long time.


We love Her deceptively casual style.
We wear With jeans and sophisticated shoes. They will not hesitate to out her finest jewelry and its most beautiful cover. He must slap it! Hyperrestaurant advises you wear a high-waisted pants to match your short jacket, which will refine your curve.
We avoid The association sneakers and baggy jean, you forget! It’s 80s and too first degree.