Different Types of Makeup

Have you ever wondered what your collection of cosmetics on you? Here are five personality types consistent with those you prefer.

Do you want to have the best makeup, products that really work. Maybe you do not have more than 20 units, but love all the products that have failed to earn a place in your collection. The effect is achieved with minimum effort: a color of lipstick, or type of makeup “cat eyes” can work wonders.
The game never ends with an outgoing personality and the trick is done for fun. You like to experiment with glitter, eyelashes and gloss and you’re not afraid to take chances in makeup.
A true artist, with a trained eye to distinguish colors. Just like a painter with oil paints and watercolors, you need a palette of tricks. Surely you have in possession a quantity of eye shadows in different shades.
In makeup choose femininity. You always have lip gloss in different colors with you, just in case. Your collection of make-up looks like delicious candies, good to eat. You melt to see these adorable tins and sweet flavors.
Natural and organic products are in you heart. You care of the planet as your skin. You choose products carefully, paying attention to the ingredients.