Different Types of Sleds

Sledding is fun, like a child you’ve done this a lot. But it also held in this sport: sled sports. Additionally, you can in some parks also use a bobsled or luge track. Do you know what is the difference?


First and foremost, the most famous: bobsled. Bob is a sport that officially belongs to the Olympics. Bobb name comes from the English: to bob. Bob does move up and down. The slide is controllable and the trail is made ​​of a winding road on the ice. To go faster, you can move up and down as you did as a child on the sled. Steering is done by pulling the two companies. There are companies with cables to the two main candidates. Bob made ​​with two or four people. The rear taking hereby handbrake.
Efteling had previously traditional bob of his attraction to the Swiss Bob. These were sold in 2005 at Six Flags Over Texas. Too bad, because to make the new carts have nothing did the traditional bob. In the old bobsleigh, was still a line, now you’re sitting next to each other.
Toverland is forest Racer, a bobsleigh track. You sit here alone or in pairs behind each other in a car and determining the speed.


Tobogganing is different bobsleen: with tobogganing you lie on your back on a sled. Bobb is a closed carriage, sledge is open. Sledge hot in the Swiss or the high German also Rötteln, rütteln, schütteln and it is very popular.There are many artificial jobs that you can luge. Especially in Germany and Switzerland find these jobs very much.
Duinrell is a fun toboggan run, where you sit on a sled track. Here you determine the speed. In Valkenburg you can also enjoy tobogganing. In Germany there are several places with artificial luge tracks. Plopsaland Coo Coo and Belgium also has a toboggan run. Toboggan runs in the theme parks are all performed while sitting. Lying on your back, you can see even less why we chose President sledding.


Although this sport is much less well known, he is the oldest sled sports. The skeleton lying on her stomach on a sled, face-forward, You are so right to your goal. This is done in a bob. The sled was first used were naked, as we know from the past, and therefore looked like a skeleton. Hence the name so. As far as is known, you can never for pleasure use a skeleton. But try it safely home itself: on the wooden sled down the mountain, where there is a good snow. Fun guaranteed.

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November 25, 2016

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