Different Ways to Wear Belts

No way out today without his belt! On trousers, skirt or dress is our fashion accessory of winter… But not always easy to reconcile fashion and comfort, especially when one is not super comfortable with her belly…

So some basic rules:
-Buy belt as described in allpubliclibraries to your waist ! And feel free to try before moving crate.
-Do not over tighten the belt to your waist, the risk of being uncomfortable all day and feel trapped…
-Multiply belts with different patterns: solid, colored, painted, printed, studded, wide, fine… to go with any outfit.
If you have only one, choose a classic, black belt, gray, brown and medium size to go with most of your outfits.

How to wear his belt?

The belt under the bust: super trend, the door on a dress or tunic. It is perfect for hiding small stomachs and a little wide hips. In addition, it lengthens the torso and legs. You can also opt for the knotted scarf.
Be careful not to overtighten the power to breathe again!
The belt on the hips; it is ideal on a dress or a little baggy tunic. It allows to hide the small shapes that do not necessarily want to show. Wager on large models.
The belt at the waist: book-the days when your stomach is at its best! A must if you wear it in loops of your pants or shorts: tuck your top (shirt, T-shirt) in your stocking. Choose a wider belt if you wear shorts tall, very fashionable this winter…
So fasten your seat belts and go for a shopping session!