Diner Dash Makes Its Arrival to Android

Old video game franchises are committed increasingly by mobile devices to be able to get juice to its characters and games, and it is not something new. This time it’s the turn of one franchise something less, but that carries a few years in games by computer, and even a game for Facebook. It’s the game Diner Dash, making your arrival to this operating system.
Flo is an employee of ordinary office that overwhelmed pro is its work. After a panic attack, she decided to leave everything and run a restaurant as new work. The mechanics of the game is simple: serve the customers, but should be an account some factors that will make this game a challenge even for the most experienced.
To serve the customers, we will have to seat them at a table, waiting for you to read the letter, take note, give it to Cook, deliver food, deliver the account and finally clean the table. But no need to simply serve all customers, you have to do it as sufficiently well and fast so give a own good, that we will later invest in improving local.
The game features a system of micropayments. We have the free game with seven levels, and a version with five extra restaurants with ten levels each to € 2.32, although the introductory offer leaves him to €0.77 for a limited time. Each new restaurant costs other € 0.77 and offers ten new levels and two new customer types, each with their special characteristics.

Diner Dash 3.24.8 Version

  • Version of Android: from 2.3.3
  • Developer: PlayFirst
  • Download it in: Google Play (Version Lite) | Google Play (Version Deluxe)
  • Price: free | €0.77
  • Category: Tools

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