Disadvantages of Eyeliner Gel

The female lovers of striking and intense eyes in makeup, must definitely try and buy an eyeliner gel. The product is not new in the market and has many fans around the beauty of the universe, the beauty professionals as anonymous who love any product able to score the look.
The eyeliner gel came to facilitate the life of the modern woman and ended up helping to increase the stroke. The product, made gel comes in a small pot with a small extremely fine tip brush to help trace. Its great advantage is the product is soft and good touch: just a little to be able to spread and create the design on makeup or highlight the look. The extremely thin brush also helps in skill to make eye makeup.
According to the users, who use gel eyeliner never want to use any other product. In particular it is thicker lines with cat eye makeup. It’s not so easy to draw something in the eye so thick and point with a pencil and still have to make the point. Differentiated designs eyebrow are also much easier with the gel for it slide and shape better.
The older the product is, the thicker it gets, the more consistent. Some see this as a disadvantage, but an advantage: it ends up being easier to apply. With a more consistent liquid, there is less risk of making mistakes because it does not run if you brush too. And harden, just soften with vegetable oil, saline solution or melt in water bath. There are some tricks of good maquilas not to lose the product.
The eyeliner gel also harder on the skin that the retractable model and common pencil. This is already a big difference for those who need a long-lasting make-up, as for a wedding or party.
It is also a more marked product. The pigment gel is much more intense than competitive products, so it wont last much longer. Some say that it lasts even longer than eyeliners waterproof own. It seems an exaggeration, but many users confirm. And the gel is yes waterproof, so can perspire and dance comfortable with its use.

Disadvantages of  Eyeliner Gel

With the investment of a gel eyeliner, you can buy more than 10 eyeliners in pencil some brands. And there are even more expensive, depending on the length capacity of the item on the skin. But it is worth look good on the skin, no?
His line be marked can be displayed both as an advantage and disadvantage. The striking feature helps make the most intense look, great for those who have small eyes and loves to highlight the makeup in this region. However, also marks more time to make mistakes. He missed the dash? You’ll have to take everything using no makeup remover. And the product is durable, you will need to take all the makeup to start again and fix the error.
Who has no dexterity in hands with brush will also give easy to use product. But everything is a matter of practice, and is missing you learn. No one was born knowing how to make up, is not it? But in this case, the need to trace accurately, we need to go very calm and train hard before leaving for the final look.
Nor is there a middle ground for the use of the product: everyone will be very dark. In the case of the pencil, it’s just going to be scoring more darker traits. With the gel, or you have dark dash or do not use. For less intense or daily visual, you cannot use. You need to know when using always the eyes will be very marked.

Eyeliner Gel Brands in the Market

Already have the new version of eyeliner to Mary Kay, Shop Pati, Loreal Hip, Essence, contains 1 Grass, The Apothecary, Vult , dentra others, known and not so much.