Disney: Decoration of Children's Party!

The Hunch of Luxury is on pace for children’s party and we brought to you the magical world of Walt Disney World. Hummmmm … I can imagine the delight and the cuteness that is this post, huh?! Aiiiii people, is there anything hotter than a child’s birthday? Lots of goodies, candy, snacks, cake, many games and, of course, the highlight that is always on the decoration. Impossible to organize a party, no matter how simple, without thinking about a theme for messing with the imagination of tots! We love decorating children’s party … beats a desire to go back to being a kid … Hahahaha … so every time we go to a birthday and we found a neat decoration, we make a point to register all the details and share with you. We know we have many readers moms who are always looking for suggestions and inspirations about the infant universe.

Today we’ll talk about Disney, a classic theme of decoration of children’s party, which never goes out of fashion. Will generation … coming generation … What kid can resist the charms of Mickey and Minnie??? We were invited to the birthday party of cute William (3 years) and Gabriel (2 years), children of our dear friend Paty Hota, and once again we were encantadaaasss with the whim that everything was arranged. Jeez mom who knows how to make a beautiful party for their young. The Paty chose Disney theme for the party of their children (right on!) and transformed the buffet where the event was held in a real amusement park. The decoration was the Pirô Productions and Decorator Carol (feast of joy), magnificent professionals, who are beasts when it comes to children’s party. We were fascinated with every detail of the birthday and, with the permission of mama, we recorded several flashes of decoration to be able to inspire our readers who are in search of a cute theme for kids’ party!