DIY Jewelry Flowers and Resin

If like me you love so much the flowers, you can not help but to wear them, even as jewelry! The delicacy of the petals, colors and shapes can become beautiful details for a truly original jewelry and the rest also very cheap.
The need is of the epoxy resin, available at home improvement stores, art and DIY, silicone molds for resin and of course flowers or leaves in our choice.
the first step is to dry the flowers to flatten them using a large heavy book in which to place the flower. We will leave it there for a day or two until it is flat and dry. If we merely using petals or smaller parties must not press them.

A flower bracelet

We bring a little ‘spring also in our jewelry: bangle with these flowers are beautiful inside at every opportunity! Achieve them is simple, with the listed materials follow this tutorial and give rein to the imagination to mix plants and colors.
To give a more professional finish to our bracelet, once extracted from the mold, ripassiamolo with the glazing varnish. Will give shine and brilliance to the body jewel via Bittranslators.

A romantic pendant

The production procedure is always the same, but this time we can create a romantic pendant with a shower head. Of course it is only an idea, instead of the shower head can put a rose bud or prefer any other flower.
For this jewel followed step by step tutorial  and you will have no difficulty in achieving it.These photos have been enriched in metal frames or silver antique effect, to give that extra touch to the creation. Although these materials can be easily found at home improvement stores and art, or you can recycle some old jewelery support alone will not convince a lot … but combined with the flower is sure to please!

A gift from the heart

These so original jewelry can also be a gift idea for your friends, perhaps using their favorite flower!
Not only bracelets or ring forms, silicone molds are very versatile and commercially if they are of all types, even at heart, for a special gift!
It ‘true that we talked about jewelry, but if you have taken a liking to handle resin and flowers, you can also make a nice cover for your smartphone. The technique is the same, follow the video tutorial!