DIY: Shoes Spice Up

After some time ago we introduced you to Anissa von handmade2.0 as guest blogger, we would like to present you today Nadine from graceful. After we have already successfully organized the Alice in the Kreativland competition, she will regularly share DIY ideas and suggestions with you. In addition to the DIY tutorials, there will also be very inspiring outfit collages from Nadine’s hand. We are very happy to welcome Nadine as a guest blogger and hope to have a lot of comments and reactions!

Hurray, spring is here! And also invitations to weddings and garden parties. A really good opportunity to get some new shoes again. Or? Well, if you’re honest, there are plenty of specimens around in the booty gal, but you do not really like it, you have a look at them or you just do not want to wear the same shoes on several occasions. Thesciencetutor therefore will show you some ideas on how to change your loved shoes quickly by simple means.
Ruffled sandals
This DIY is truly nothing for purists. We want to overstuff simple strappy sandals (eg gladiator sandals with or without heel) with fabric. The idea came to me by the way of beautiful but unfortunately terribly uncomfortable Zara sandals.
You need: Color-matching tulle, jersey (lining) and satin (lining) from the rest crate, approx. 10 cm properly solid tape (not necessarily fit in color)

  1. Cut out from the three substances each about forty squares (about 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm) out.The squares do not have to be accurately cut!
    2. Place a satin, jersey and tulle square on each other.
    3. Fold the three squares once over the middle. Repeat until you get a small square again.
    4. Fix the whole thing with a few simple stitches. Repeat these steps until all squares are processed.
    5. Now close the folded squares to the strip at a distance of 1-2 cm so that the squares are offset one above the other. Again, you do not need to work too accurately.
    6. The band should be so tight, so you can put it directly on the sandals. A hot glue gun is particularly suitable for this purpose.

How to breathe a bit of British charm with a piece of artificial leather shoes, I show you in this DIY.
You need: a piece of leather or artificial leather, cardboard for the template, punching pliers, scissors, possibly zigzag shears

  1. Transfer thestencilto the (artificial) leather piece and cut the piece. 2. Using a zigzag scissors or a serrated edge, cut the edge of the flap at the wide end of the flap. 3. Now, for each prong that points inwards, cut the edge approx. 5 cm upwards. The cuts should all end at a height. (See template) 4. Place the template on the shoe you want to decorate with it. Mark where the top laces are located. (If you want to fasten the flap further down, mark accordingly the lower holes). Punch out the holes with the punch. 5. Now thread through the holes the shoelaces of your shoes.

Pompom clip
Other shoes you might not want to completely reshape, but only change for an evening.So-called shoe clips are suitable. In the Bastelladen there are sometimes blanks for it, if you can also use blanks for ear clips. In this DIY I will show you how to make a pompom from an old T-shirt and use it as a shoe decoration.
You need: an old batik shirt (can be any other shirt), ear or shoe clips (from the craft market), scissors, cardboard, thread

  1. Cut the t-shirt with the scissors (or a cutter) into strips approximately 1 cm wide and remove the side seam.
    2. Now pull the strips long so that they roll into themselves.
    3. Cut out the cardboard two pompom stencils. Note: The larger the template, the larger the pompom. The greater the inner diameter in relation to the outer diameter, the more dense the pompon becomes. This is pure taste. I recommend in this case, however, the pompom not too tight to plan.
    4. Now wrap the two cardboard rings firmly with the stripes until the hole is filled in the middle. Make sure that the strips still roll beautifully. When a strip is finished, simply continue with a new strip.
    5. Now cut the strips between the stencils and knot them with a uniform thread.
    6. Now remove the rings and cut the pompon to a regular ball.
    7. To apply the clip, first look for a suitable spot in the pompom. This can be, for example, at the point where the thread was bound together. At this point, squeeze the fabric strips a little apart and apply a clip using the hot glue gun.

Flower clip
This DIY shows you another way to make shoe clips. The flower is also very good as a brooch on a dress.
You will need: satin (lining), cardboard for the template, a small piece of leather, ear or shoe clips, needle and thread

  1. Cut out about 12 circles from the liner using a template.The diameter corresponds later to the size of the flower.
    2. Fold a circle once over the center. Repeat this step. Fix the fold now with a few stitches.
    3. Repeat this step until you have about six of these folded pieces. Close up five of them with a few stitches through the tips, resulting in a flower. Now bring a sixth piece in the middle of the flower.
    4. Glue a small piece of leather with the hot glue gun on the back of the flower. Attach a clip to the leather using the heat gun.

There are, of course, still many other ways to decorate your shoes: you can stick to the shoe clips, for example artificial flowers, loops or crochet loops. Of course you can also use finished brooches or old ear clips. Ballerinas can be embellished with lace (bought or crocheted with a few mouse mousses). Sometimes it is enough to replace the shoelaces with a leather band or satin ribbon.
This is a guest contribution by Nadine from graceful, a blog, which deals among other things with the themes fashion, design and DIY. We regularly share selected contributions from our guest blogger with you.