Do You Suffer from The Syndrome of Accelerated Women? Yes What You Sense, to Confirm This Test

Wanting to have control of everything (and not get it, clear), bad sleep and wake up much, feel permanent anxiety, or riding an emotional roller coaster, as if you suffer PMS daily they are some of the symptoms of the syndrome of the female fast track, detected by the Dr. Libby Weaver. A biological and emotional disorder that you can be suffering without even knowing it.

After almost two decades of treating women with disorders of biological and food, including symptoms of menopause, loss of libido, and polycystic ovary syndrome, Dr. Libby Weaver came to the conclusion that the hectic lifestyle we carry today, the endless tasks that we lay on her shoulders to try to become those superwoman that you both speak in the magazines, It is having serious consequences for our health. In his book, Rushing Woman´s Syndrome, The Impact of a Never Ending to-do List on Health, Dr. Weaver warns us that our body is not ready for this lifestyle so demanding and chaotic, even if we want to convince otherwise.

We are paying the consequences of having it all very expensive.

A professional career, children, stay in shape, a life partner, have social life, etc. The 21st century woman is under great pressure to meet all these requirements. We want to have it all and do it all well. Be aware of the latest news, get outstanding in all subjects and take advantage of every moment of our lives to meet all the objectives, although the goal is to read this article from mobile at the only time you have free (which can be when leave you to go to the toilet).

Sometimes you have the impression that life is what happens while you you do write lists and more lists.

And it is precisely at this time of the year when it is easier to fall prey to the syndrome of the female fast-track. Women are experts at take care of the logistics so that everything works to perfection at Christmas: we buy gifts, organize family appointments, write lists and more lists of things to do (that we have to do to us, of course), and we tend to forget that I cannot yet. The result? Sleep problems. Constant tiredness. Eat without chewing. Addiction to coffee. Inability to ask for help or relax. If you are reading and you are nodding (or directly, gimoteas), perhaps suffer the syndrome of the female fast-track and don’t know. Perhaps you’re beginning to understand why you feel so tired, sleep poorly and there is something in your life that simply does not work as it should. Or why you can not stop to tell everyone that you are very stressed and can’t life.

Not only takes too much coffee, also takes it too fast and without stopping to enjoy it.

Our body is not ready for the stress level which requires us to modern life.

The biological explanation for the syndrome of the female fast-track is that when we stressed our body’s natural reaction is to think that we are being attacked, so we enter “autopilot” mode. I mean, our body produces adrenaline, that has as a consequence that increases our blood pressure to generate such a State of “permanent alert”. And our body does not distinguish between the concerns of the day or being attacked by a horrible creature. The feeling is that we have teleported to a scene of Jurassic Park and not a velociraptor is pursuing all the time. And the extremely high levels of adrenaline in the long run can degenerate into depression, anxiety, loss of sexual desire, problems of alteration of sleep and irregular periods. In addition, to survive this state of constant tiredness, we take refuge in substances such as coffee and sugar (or worse, alcohol), which generates that we pillemos a few extra pounds and feel worse still. A vicious cycle that is difficult to get out. But not impossible.

Do you suffer from the syndrome of the female fast-track?

Dr. Libby Weaver has prepared a simple questionnaire to detect if you suffer from the syndrome that you can fill in online. Respond with sincerity to all questions and don’t you be if the result is that you’re too accelerated. The first step is to detect the problem. And the second, ignore their recommendations (Dr. Weaver is very cuca and if you want to know how to get out of this will have to go through cash and buy his book, for example, here) and start entering some slight changes in our life: not to overwhelm or attempt to reach all, renounce the abuse of coffee and other substances that cause sugar spikes and , the most important thing, Learn to say no and not mark it impossible goals.

It is clear that The syndrome of the female fast-track is an evil of our time: We always have much to do and many things small, every day, that control, but the most important thing is not to lose perspective of what’s really important, beginning for our health and for our own emotional and physical well-being.

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March 1, 2018

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