Dropbox Introduces the Brilliant Way to Synchronize Files on

Dropbox annnoncerer new, smart way to synchronize and work with larger amounts of files than your computer’s hard drive can accommodate.
Sharing of information and files is under rapid development in the digital age, and therefore optimizes Dropbox now its popular service to store files in the cloud to the increased need for access to more and more files.
Dropbox has realized that the hard drive space at times can put constraints on synchronization of content, and therefore modifies the service now on how content is synchronized on computers with Windows and Mac OS x. it happens with Project Infinite.
Imagine that you have a small and thin ultra book with a SSD of only 128 GB of storage and a Dropbox account with 1 TB uploaded data. Storage space can quickly run up, when there also must reseveres space for the operating system and other files. This means that Dropbox can not keep all the files synchronized on your computer that you have access to.

With the new solution is computers with low hard drive capacity is no longer a problem. Here let Dropbox all of the files you have access to, be visible directly on your computer via Windows ‘ Explorer and Mac OS X’s Finder. This means that the files are stored on Dropbox’s servers instead of hard drive and have therefore a cloud as a label, but it appears as if the files were local.
Imagine that you click on a large video file, which now does not take up space on your hard disk. As soon as you click it, download Dropbox instantaneously file down and open it locally on your computer.
All files in sync with Dropbox is therefore simply a kind of placeholder/shortcut to the right file, but because trait synkronieres certain metadata such as creation and modification date, together with the placeholder, you can organize your files as they were locally on the hard drive and rarely feel that the files are not actually stored on your computer.
To put it another way: You can browse around the whole of your Dropbox-catalogue direct from folders on your computer without it records the entire hard disk capacity. The files that you actually use, downloaded in as you use them. You should still need the files later without internet access, you can always right click on them and download them locally.
The new feature in Dropbox works with Windows 7 and later and Mac OS X 10.9 and newer.