Dutch Eredivisie League Table 2013

Cambuur play in the season 2013-2014 back in the Eredivisie.Festive 2013 unfortunately ended with a disappointment. The club, who were champions First Division and was promoted, losing to NAC Breda 1-0 in the final round before the winter break. Cambuur are in winter in December 2013 on the second-last place in the ranking of the league.

Rat Verlegh-stadion

Cambuur has fared well in the first half of the Eredivisie season in 2013?? 2014. With help from the public on its own stand, which appeared as the twelfth man, Cambuur won many games in their own stadium. The team wants to play football and let it be too eager to see. In away games has accumulated enough points.There is still a lot to bring to the team of coach Dwight Lodeweges. Saturday, December 21 could not do it against NAC Breda. The club from Breda was entitled to win, even if the club did not play the stars in the sky.
In Rat Verlegh Stadium, where the battle was fought between two teams at the bottom of the rankings. NAC Breda was in the beginning of the match three points above the Cambuur. Marcel Ritzmaier sat on the bench, Cambuur had to do without striker he was interrupted.

Fatal Kick

Brabant began to moderate and Cambuur were the stronger side, but lacked the influence to Leeuwarden. In the 36th minuuut Cambuur was almost at a disadvantage, but fortunately Leonard Nienhuis still in the lead. He did not shirk. After 45 minutes it was still 0-0. Both teams started without changes in the second half. In this part of the contest attracted NAC Breda battle. For Cambuur was Jody Lukoki chasing his chance. He had his marker Boldizsár Bodor often too fast, but it did not come from a finisher. The competition is not sparkled audience saw a boring game.
Bart van Brakel got fifteen minutes before the end still a good chance, but the ball ended up in the net.
A free kick was Cambuur fatal. Anouar Hadouir lap flawless inside and scored a goal.


In the tail of the match Cambuur, due to unpaid or risk?? s take and that almost results, but the head Mart Dijkstra not crossed the finish line. Almost a goal is no goal and managed to Cambuur not catch up. The final score 1-0.
The players were able to begin their winter break. At the beginning of the new year men Dwight Lodeweges go to Portugal for a training camp.
On Sunday, January 19, 2014 Cambuur play at home against Go Ahead Eagles earlier Leeuwarden Foeke Booy.Leeuwarden football team is hoping for a good start to the new year, because Leeuwarders has the ambition to continue playing at the highest level. The club is for the winter at risk for the league, only NEC lower.
Setting NAC Breda: Jelle ten Rouwelaar, Boldizsár Bodor, Jordy Buijs, Kees Kwakman, Gill Swerts, Tim Gilissen, mats seuntjens, Anouar Hadouir, Jeffrey Sarpong, Rydell Poepon, Anthony Lurling
setup SC Cambuur Leeuwarden: Leonard Nienhuis, Lucas Bijker, Ramon Leeuwin, Martijn van der Laan, Wout Droste, Erik Bakker Bart van Brakel, Mohamed El Makrini, Alexander Cristovao, Michiel Hemmen, Jody Lukoki

  • Judge: Dennis Higler
  • Gula short: Danny Verbeek, Wout Droste, Michiel Hemmen
  • Number of spectators: 17,250

Game After the Winter Break

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