Early Launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 Gives Increasing Profits

It was a good decision that Samsung launched Galaxy S7 one month before its predecessor, for it has given in a larger surplus than expected in 1. on a quarterly basis.
Samsung has today presented an account of the year 1. quarter, and where Apple saw its first decline in revenues for 13 years, is the story of another for archrival, Samsung.
Can Samsung for reporting on progress in profits as a result of that Samsung chose to speed up the release of top models Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge a month.
That is why Samsung in 1. quarter 38.4 billion. dollars in profits after an earnings on 286.1 billion. dollars, a gain of 12% and 6% respectively compared to the same period the year before. Samsung even writes in her press release, that the better-than-expected result is due to “the early release and the successful sale”. Analyst from CIMB Securities, Lee, Dohoon agree.
“It was a good strategy for Samsung to move the release date for S7 to March-about a month earlier than its predecessor, and even with a lower price,” he told Bloomberg.
Of course it makes it more difficult to compare Samsung’s kvartalregnskab with its former and other producers, now where the highest sales of Galaxy S7 can no longer be read in 2. quarterly accounts as in the past. It must therefore be presumed to be the cause of that it seems that there is progress with Samsung, while the rest of the mobile industry sees a decline in the number of sold smartphones- exactly which IDC has predicted.
It will be exciting to see how Samsung’s accounting for 2. quarter will look like, how the sale, of course, will not be nearly as high as opposed to last year’s accounts.
Although Samsung is in a completely different period with high sales of its relatively new top models, it is still interesting to look at Apple’s profits during the same period. In a period in which Apple inhabits on a sluggish sales of last year’s top models, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, has the American information technology giant still had a surplus on the whole mia 69.1. Crowns. Samsung’s top models gave only a surplus equivalent to 44% of Apple’s here in 1. on a quarterly basis.