Easy Nail Design

Not always the acrylic is the most recommended, if you like the nails decorated with enamel, here are 8 easy designs that you can do in less than 2 hours. Try it! and he wears the latest nail trends.

8. Drawings on the nail

If you like a design for a party or event, we recommend not to use more than 3 colors. The color red with black and if like the white will give you a great touch of elegance and presence at the same time. Follow step by step the directions of the image, do not forget to take care of your cuticle before start and let dry a few minutes to apply the next color.

7. A touch of Color

Take a piece of tape, you can do a small heart helping a pair of scissors, and as shown in the image, place the tape at your natural nail immediately gives a layer of varnish.

6. Nail Minions

Who don’t like the minions?
To make this design you should apply a base yellow, when dry at the start of your natural nail almond adds a blue hue. With your brush or toothpick, draw a small lens at the start of your natural nail to then, with white color, simulate the eyes within the lens. Finally can put a black dot in the layer white. and ready!

5. Cherries

The red fruits are exotic. Follow the step by step image and achieves a creative design for your nails. To add a touch of good taste, place a couple of stones.

4. Stripes

With pieces of masking tape and a good base color, you will manage a tribal look suitable for casual outings. Additionally, these nail combined with any outfit.

3. Hearts

If you are one of the girls who prefer to use a drawing to each nail, we suggest you use the same color. To ensure that your figure is accurate, use a thin brush.

2. Three in one

It is a great idea to use three shades of one color to be able to combine without stirring. The pink color is an excellent choice.

1. Notes music

Musical notes, as stars and other forms not deviate from our alternatives. Follow this cute design and give your nails a musical touch. It is not so difficult, or Yes?
Something that you have to pay attention is the combination of the colors. If you use colors that would see you elegant nor to the case, you can get to see fatal.