Easy Ways to Make a Clock

has long enjoyed many hours on the phone or computer, does not mean that the clocks should disappear. Office, living room or kitchen, they can be not only useful but also serves as a wonderful decoration of the interior and stylish. This master class, we suggest you make your own clock from waste materials.

Materials and Instruments:
  1. Clock mechanism (it’s now easy to buy in any store goods for needlework)

2. Thick foam rubber sponge or similar material (the thickness thereof should be greater than the thickness of the clockwork)
3. Polystyrene (this material is widely used in the repair and construction)
4. Plate
5. Tape
6. Stationery knife

7. Brush
8. Blacking
9. Reliable glue
10. Thin veneer (can be used for other crafts)
11. Clockwork (http://www.craftinlearning.com/2015/09/30/antique-wooden-wall-clocks-with-pendulum/)
Get a bowl or other round object of this size, you want to get it to the wall clock. Sponge and cut bureaucratic knife contour.

How to Watch

In the center of the space clock mechanize. It should be done as accurately as possible, so do not be lazy to use a ruler to mark the center of the circle and measurement equal to the distance from the edge of the mechanism.
Round billet
Create clockwork
Using the same plates cut the front of the watch made of white polystyrene.
How to make a circle
Fold both pieces in place and right in the center of the front cut a hole.
Through this hole will have to press the retention mechanism and times are fastened securely.
Now you can decorate clock with acrylic. Artistic skills offer only decorate points of polka recruiting forgetting to issue and place attachment mechanism.
decoration hours
Council : Of course, you do not have to repeat the scheme proposed by us – we just offers the easiest and fastest option.
stylish Watches
After modeling the paint must be allowed to dry. We must carefully arrange the edge. This purpose shall be circulated pieces reliable, transparent adhesive and wrapped around his right on the bandwidth of the thin veneer (veneer is easy be found in stores alone).
How to make the clock
To correct form and provide the glue dry completely skirting hours extra a better correction tape.
Home Accessories
When the glue is completely dry, remove the tape and attach the arrow on new clock ready!