Eco-Jewelry Techniques: Flowers, Succulents, Epoxy Resin And Wax

In previous articles I had already talked about eco-jewelry, made with live plants.Today I want to tell you about this technique in more detail.
But do you know what I found while writing this post? I discovered something more surprising: different techniques and variations of this topic. And all the results are completely different and are not similar to each other. So I want to share with you the findings in this post.
Each plant, as well as people, are unique and beautiful. When I first saw jewelry with live plants, it was not surprising at all, since they used flowers in the same way.
And the most important thing is that this piece of jewelry will not be damaged fast.This is not just an accessory, it is a pet for you, your friend and a real family member in your wardrobe.
Since ancient times people have decorated their houses, looks and dresses with fresh flowers. At first it was for religious or mythological reasons, but later they did it to enhance the beauty. Flowers in jewelry is not something new, since very ancient times, have been an expression of human feelings and companions in important moments, such as the birth of a person, maturity, weddings and even death. It is a symbol of life and love. So if you feel your wardrobe is a bit boring then you need this jewelry.
Jewelry techniques with flowers and succulents:
For all fashion and plant lovers, the American designer Colleen Jordan has made an eco-jewelry collection and the main element is a mini-pot with real plants.
“Would not it be great to have a plant in my pocket? It was the question I had when I started my business. As a student of Industrial Design at Georgia Tech and the University of Lund, I have always tried to make a project that allows people to carry plants. These ideas gradually came. Almost all the teachers who presented this idea said that they could not put it in their class and this of course motivated me more to make this project a reality”
The”A Wearable Planter” collection has plants so small that pots can be used with a simple rope. Like any plant, they require constant attention and need to be watered and transplanted on the ground.
For the manufacture of its products, Coleen uses ABS plastic, which is recyclable and non-toxic. The kit comes with an ornament plant, a leather cord and a manual on plant care. He has gone from making necklaces to making a wider range of jewelry.
All his work is in 3D and he does the finishing with his own hands. This means that you start the process by creating digital using the same type of software used by engineers and architects. Then, take these files, and send them to a 3D printer.Creating durable plastic designs.
Miniature Eco-jewelry made with succulent plants (mainly) and flowers, is what they use most in the West. Since it not only brings joy, but it becomes a thread that connects people with nature. This jewelry looks great with boho and casual style, you can even experiment and wear this jewelry with your business look, it would be very unusual. In general, I advise you to combine these accessories with your wedding dress or graduation.
The unusual eco-rings with tiny plants have a special base that allows plants to live longer than a week. These rings have beautiful shapes, and could be carefully transplanted in a permanent place, like a pot.
In fact, if you simply are a big fan of unusual jewelry and nature, you can choose jewelry with different additions, such as roses, lilies, orchids and chrysanthemums.You can even use these flowers in hair accessories.
For true tumblr girls, designer Susan Mcleary has also designed very peculiar eco-jewelry with small, succulent plants, whose properties allow them to be alive for several weeks. He also uses flowers in rings, earrings, chains and bracelets. Create wedding jewelry using large live flowers and other plants. Her ” Passion-Flower ” project is a floral design studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan, specializing in weddings, floral style, floral fashion and jewelry.
Susan says she became a floral designer by accident. She had been making ornaments as a hobby, until a friend asked her to design her flower jewelry for her wedding. It was then that Susan felt a passion for fashion.
Susan has trained with some floral designers, including Francoise Weeks, Erin Benzakein and Holly Chapple. She has developed her own distinctive floral design style, making her regarded as the leading designer in her country with her floral dresses and eco-jewelery. Susan received a gold medal and three silver medals and was second in the international contest of designers Fusion Flowers 2014.
Susan’s work has appeared on the cover of Fusion Flowers Magazine and has had many publications in Modern Wedding Flowers, Style Me Pretty and The Knot. She is also a frequent designer on Etsy. His designs and eco-jewelry have been praised for their originality, sustainability and style.
Epoxy resin technique:
The second technique with live plants is epoxy resin as described in unique accessory. The epoxy resin creates the shape of the ornament itself. It helps form true earrings, pendants and rings. The ball that forms the resin, may contain moss, leaves and flowers.
Although, if you are a defender of the rights of nature, you should know that this jewelry has nothing in common with ecology.
For those who like romance and exquisite details. You can combine these accessories with bright clothes, light dresses, semi-transparent blouses, skirts and hats. There are also some girls who combine these ornaments with Gothic style.
These types of accessories look a lot like antique amulets and because of this, designers always try to enhance their beauty with fresh flowers, leaves, branches,plant seeds and dandelions.
Wax technique:
The German designer, Solveig Linke , has presented this technique in very exclusive jewelry. Collect fresh flowers and turn them into silver or gold.
“The flowers are covered with wax, inserted in molds of plaster and once the mold has hardened, is re-melted, forming a gap in the mold, where you can pour silver or hot gold”
His work tells stories about growth, life and death:
“The flower symbolizes life in all its facets. It is about development and change. My job is to capture these conditions and show the beginning of everything”
I talked to you about three modern techniques and designers who create jewelry with live plants. I hope all this is interesting and inspiring. If you want to know more about these techniques, you can write in the comments and I will add more information to the post.