Enhance Your Cleavage

5 tips to enhance its neckline: small breasts or breasts comfortable… how to put her cleavage in value.


Good support and a nice curve is based on a beautiful neckline. To prevent sagging skin, we must act on the carriers muscles: the chest primarily but also the neck muscles. Plus they will be firm plus they function as natural bras. Here is a little simple exercise and easy to replicate throughout the day to tone up his chest. The arms horizontally in front of the chest, elbow raised and clasped hands, press the palms against each other a ten to twenty times. You can also keep tight palms for about fifteen seconds before releasing. To do five times.


The skin of the neck is thinner than the rest of the body and has no sebaceous glands, so she needs to be moisturized regularly. Abandon your body care for this area and instead use your facial, more suitable, and then choose specific creams. To reshape the bust, there are very effective treatments tensor. Through their firming agents, they operate as a real facelift breast enhancing the breasts and enhancing the elasticity of the skin.


The skin of the neck is very fragile and very sensitive to the sun. To prevent premature aging, sagging skin (and therefore a loss of firmness) but also the appearance of wrinkles or tasks, flee prolonged exposure to the sun and especially protect yourself from UV by applying a sunscreen with a high index. Indeed, abuse of sun will dry out the skin of the neck, causing it to lose its elasticity. The result of sagging breasts!


Regularly massage his chest helps firm the skin. Proceed with circular movements in the direction of clockwise and always from the bottom up. Gestures should be soft, not too supported. The flat hand should only touch the area. For the massage more enjoyable, use an oil or gel, if toners, that’s even better.


As for the face, you can use makeup to sculpt her cleavage. Rather proud of your chest? Just drop a veil of iridescent powder on the neckline to draw the eye. however careful not to abuse the sequin because it brings out the irregularities of the skin texture. Want to win a size? Cheat! A simple technique that plays on shadow and light can boost the volume of his chest. First apply a bronzer in the hollow between the breasts. Then ask your illuminator on the curve (that is to say, the curved part of the chest). This will attract the light and give the impression of a more voluptuous chest.
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