Enough of The Iphone Keyboard: We Show You How To Change It!

Keyboards for the iPhone and iPad in the app store

There are a wide variety of keyboards for the iPhone or iPadin the app store. Therefore, we’ve narrowed that down a bit for you and categorized, to give you an overview.

iPhone keyboard change: colorful and garish keyboards

The standard keyboards of iOS are you visually boring, there are a wide range of colourful keyboards in the app store. Depending on the app, there are different themes or designs that you can choose directly.However, there is little free themes at most, more through in-app purchases unlock itself. We have tested some for you. Particularly worth seeing are neon led keyboard designs, go keyboard and glitter keyboard issues. pay off: which have very many free designs and so its best to personalize.

Faster writing by swipe

What was known so far only from Android smartphones, there are now available for the iPhone: the swipe function. Now the word suggestions speed while typing, but still it is not as fast as with the swipe. The wipe over several letters of a Smartphone keyboard is meant when the “swipe”, which are then added together to the (probably) matching word. Especially on small displays, like SE iPhone for the, this is especially comfortable. Since there are free swipe apps mostly in English, we recommend Path Input for €1.99. All of the features that should have such a keyboard can be found in this app. Recognition results to going to automatically insert the space. Also, this app supports up to 40 languages.

iPhone keyboards: with Emoji and GIF images adorn chat

You wish you more Emoji? Then you should take a look around in the app store may or take advantage of our next tip. Because there are also such keyboards to justice. They promise countless new Emojis. During our test, we were disappointed by the free keyboards, however. We didn’t have new Emoijs this, however, it is possible to send GIF images and animations. Also, put together pictures available were from Emoji.The free apps, we recommend GIF-Keyboard and Emoji keyboard.

Chat with special characters

Special characters are there in the standard keyboard of iOS not many. For which we have a few apps who needs more special characters or even Hebrew or Arabic characters in chat. With the symbol keyboard , you are all possible characters at your disposal. For a free app, this is absolutely recommended. Also Emojis are found therein. Apart from that, you have at any time ready also Latin, Greek, Hebrew symbols and many more in your messengers.

Install third-party keyboard on the iPhone

Did you find a keyboard that corresponds to your expectations, lacking only the installation and set up.This is usually quite quick.
After you downloaded the desired keyboard on the app store, you need to call your settings. There you’ll find under General, the menu item keyboard. Among them, you can set what keyboards are enabled and which are not. Other functions can set it directly in the app.
Have you enabled several keyboards, an important point may be in everyday life. If you then writes a text, needs only to click her the globe and it switches to the next active keyboard. If the time is not entirely work, hold down the icon of the globe and then manually selects the next keyboard. We recommend only keyboards to select, you also really need to not constantly back and forth change keyboards between the dozen.

Allow full access: what about privacy?

Important to note is the share that must be granted to the keyboards. Therefore, your entries are recorded and sent to the respective server app. That, your words serves to analyze and you thus matching proposals can be made. Who are now afraid to its data, such as passwords, for example, which we can calm: with the third-party keyboards for iPhones is changed when entering passwords on Apple’s standard keyboard. These transfers no data and is therefore safe. You feel yet still unsure, you can get more information directly from the install by calling her “information”. Most of the apps offer a hint of what data is collected.

Conclusion: iPhone keyboards

The selection of alternative keyboards for the iPhone in the app store is really big. Something is therefore for everyone. So anyone who does not want more on the standard Apple keyboard is usually quite fast good alternatives. The free keyboards, the features are rather limited. Who is willing to spend a few euros, you can install great keyboards with a large selection of designs. You already use keyboards from the app store? Let us know which you did had any experience.