Erotic Lingerie To Surprise Christmas

In mid-December begins a fast race towards Christmas, so we should start making all kinds of preparations to enjoy this special holiday of the year. And among the holiday detail can not miss ideas to surprise your partner as is the lingerie thin, sexy and erotic to make our Christmas night unforgettable nights with our partner.
One of the biggest bets on what fine lingerie refers has to do with color, and is that one of the colors of choice for our Christmas sexy lingerie should be red at this blog. In this case, we can go for a sexy and suggestive set of red passion composed of tanga, corset and garter belt color. Surely our partner melts when we see, and if you accompany it with a Christmas detail as a Santa Claus hat.

But although as we say red is the color par excellence of Christmas, we can also opt for other models and colors like black, which can be combined with many other colors. The erotic lingerie in black also has its point and is very elegant. You can combine it with some sexy gown, sure you will love to discover what lies beneath.
To this we can add another big star objects in fine lingerie for Christmas is e l garter belt, which combines perfectly with the rest of our sexy set. And for the most daring and really want to surprise this Christmas women, there is nothing better than to bet on a set consisting of thong, garter belt and corset, because the corset will lift our figure and we can enjoy the best designs.
Put on beautiful this Christmas and make this magical night becomes an unforgettable night!