Exaggerates a Man With Cosmetic Surgery

Justin Jedlica after 90 interventions became a human Ken. Haunted by a plastic beauty standard, also becomes the man who underwent more cosmetic procedures. Vanity is no longer exclusively women.
Cosmetic surgeon has always been synonymous with women. Very few cases of men who undergo surgery for purely cosmetic reasons. Maybe some nose job, all right, but the excess silicone is typical female.
In some cases the excess has turned beautiful women, maybe just a po’attempate, in little monsters cats or disproportionate. A famous case that comes to mind immediately is Nina Moric: beautiful natural, with swollen lips loses more than a little charm that Mother Nature had given her.

Yet for some days on the web he runs the news that features Justin Jedlica.

The adventure of Justin in the world of cosmetic surgery has started only 22 years old . Justin grows with Ken aesthetic ideal, the doll, Barbie’s boyfriend. To look more like his idol, Justin became implanted in pounds of silicone body to have the perfect muscles, perhaps forgetting that through hard training the result could still be the same. Who wants to look nice … it does not seem an appropriate motto to the boy. In addition to the body, through multiple surgeries he has completely changed the physiognomy of the face: higher cheekbones, fuller lips, greek nose and a feeling of endless plastic skin.
To date Justin Ken Jedlica has spent $ 100,000 to 90 surgeries. He is like and does spalluccia before the manifold criticisms that are clearly not, they came. His dream was this and also reached a record: no one before him he had never undergone so many cosmetic procedures to look perfect, unreal, never as in this case one can say. He is excited and says now to appreciate and really like each other, or rather not even passed the desire to undergo interventions.
The Human Ken now, to perfect its transformation, will get engaged with Kota Koti, she Barbie?!
Mattel thanks, I, as a precaution, if I ever get the children to buy their only wooden buildings that stimulate the imagination in a healthy way. You never know.
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