Example of Toys Menacing the Health of Your Dog!

What Are the Dog Toys to Avoid?
On my blog, I often talk about the benefits of dog games. I must say I am a labrador who loves play! But only that won’t you forget that all dog toys are not safe. Indeed, there are many dangerous dog toys. Therefore, allow a dog to play with almost anything can be risky. Here are all the tips so that you make sure you buy safe 100% for your doggie toys!

The Dangerous Dog Toys

For starters, look at toys for dogs sold in pet store or on specialized sites. He must know that it is not because a toy is sold to destination of animals it is necessarily good for your dog.
Petwithsupplies lists the dog toys to avoid:

The Bones For Dog

For starters, Let’s break the cliché of the good old “meat”! If, in as long as I love Doggie, chew bones, my Mistress has discovered that it was bad for me. Even bone nylon sold in pet stores are dangerous.
Indeed, for dog bones tend to damage the teeth of a dog, like all the chew toys that are too hard. Worst of all is of course the bones of poultry, which break and may lead to intestinal perforations.
We must avoid this type of bones or treats for dog.

The Old Dog Toys

Although Choosing a dog toy is perfectly safe in nine, all aged a little rubber toys are potentially dangerous. Indeed, a damaged toy likely to lose small parts, that the dog will not necessarily happen to digest.
On arrival: risk of digestive problems or more dangerous complications. Moral: always take your dog toys that age. Don’t worry, your dog will be happy to receive another toy brand new in compensation!

The Composition of the Dog Toys

To conclude on this part, I wanted to remind that some dog rubber toys contain potentially dangerous products:

  • Phthalates
  • Bisphenol 1

Totally banned in toys for children, these compounds are still often found in dog toys. However, they could have adverse consequences on the health of a dog.
To avoid this type of products, buy only the products without phthalates and toys made of plastic without BPA.
Good example, the kong dog toy, totally sure! Here are different models of this toy right here and an example in right image below.

Other Dangerous Toys For Dogs

Dog toys are not the only risk. Examples include toys that are not designed for dogs, but some masters entrust to their doggies.
Some examples of the dog to avoid games :

The Deer Woods

I have never seen a dog with a drink of deer in France. On the other hand, our friends in Quebec sometimes choose this type of toy dog. I must say that dogs often like to chew the deer Woods.
In fact, this type of toy to chew is extremely bad. The deer is indeed too strong. It may simply break the dog’s teeth. To be avoided!
In the same vein, avoid letting his dog chew sticks of wood or anything that may be too strong for these teeth.

The Tennis Ball

Another big mistake that too many masters give their dogs: the tennis ball. The latter is extremely bad for a dog.
Indeed, tennis balls are made of abrasive material, which will damage the teeth of the dog at a speed great. Don’t forget that a tennis ball is easy to put in pieces… and swallow! We therefore won’t make the bad habit to give a dog a tennis ball.
Also avoid the ball rubber, too easy to swallow for an animal. Prefer toys for large dog, designed for a cribbing safely.

Choose a Toy For Dog Sure to 100%

To conclude, I will reveal the method that my Mistress would use to buy me toys! It just simply to consider all of the following:

  • Size: don’t let not your dog play with something he could swallow. A dog toy must be bigger than his mouth. However avoid too big toys, which can be too heavy and difficult to wear.
  • Small parts: always choose a toy that can not be disassembled. If your toy has small parts, the dog could pull them out, and then swallow them. To avoid!
  • Strength: also avoid too hard and too strong for dog toys. If you do not twist or bend a toy with his bare hands, it will be too difficult to chew for your animal, and risk so to hurt him.
  • Composition: Finally, systematically prefer toys without phthalates and BPA, for the reasons mentioned earlier.

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