Experiences of Use with a Tablet Dual Boot Android and Windows 10

It is clear that the world of tablets is not what you thought it would be a few years ago when the iPad was in full swing and mobile were much smaller than current displays.
But still an interesting device especially for those users who do not want to work with them or whose work permits to replace a computer.
However, what if it were possible to not give up anything when we use a tablet? In recent weeks we tested the Zen Woxter 10, a device with dual system Android and Windows startup.

These devices allow you to use boot dual boot both operating systems but not together or sharing files since both have different partitions.
Android on a tablet of this type is not very different from what we already know from other devices and except to go to work typing or browsing social networks use we will give will be mostly leisure and play in 10 inches is always a pure bliss.
Instead use Windows 10 much resembles him in a small laptop, especially as it is the case, if we have a physical keyboard attachable. The power that can be developed is obviously not the notebook over 1000 euros or desktop but it is enough that almost anyone can work on this unit.
Note that we use a connectivity much higher than usual in this type of format is that we will have from micro SD slot to complete USB ports or HDMI inputs to connect a TV.
However, we must consider several things when opting for one of these devices.
The most important thing is the internal storage and is that having two operating systems means that we need more internal storage than normal. In the presentcase we have found that the partition of Android only frees 4GB of user memory which means we can not install big games.
On the other hand experience with the battery it is rarely complete with an operating system so we can not compare it with other devices that only have Windows or only have Android.
However, despite not being a perfect device it looks much more interesting than opt only for a device that only start an operating system.