Facts About Leggings

Leggings are here to stay, even though they are really just long pants. Why do we all want to see? And who can blame it?
I have to do, and it starts promisingly. I walked about 15 feet of the Helsinki Aleksanterinkatua and vihkossani already have two entries:
1 x black leggins, nilkkapituiset.
1 x blue, THICK leggings.
In a matter of minutes, I went to the great mosque next to the vihkooni five leggins and drawn by an exclamation mark. The evidence is already sufficient for the prosecution.
The reason why I want every second to walk with the leggings is that this kind of pants is comfortable and stretchy. I would like to know who is blinded our eyes and edited by our brains so that spandex, spandex and Jersey sound as attractive as tights, which is not part of the sock.
Above all–and this is the size of the lawsuit against the weight of the heaviest point – I would like to by the throat, a black man, which is why today, in my dream, piukeista nahkalegginseistä.
I will start with a yacht clothing store shelves. If stores do not sell legginsejä, they do not appear on the street. Trades procurers can be blamed, among other things, to the fact that the version of legginseistä can be found in 18 of the Lindex becomes a. Or, if the äitiyslegginsit.
Buyers are also responsible for the fact that the shop was in the summer of legginsejä, Ellos “trendy giraffe print” and that Wolfordin on the Helsinki-Boutique has received more than 60-year-old women to get excited about legginseistä.
Sisäänostajan the bug is that the S has sold this year, about 200 000 pairs of leggareita. Would have sold more, but ran out of goods between.
So, on top of the light on the face and tight, a question of Seppälä ‘s capital expenditures came to the master women’s product Winds Pärkölle: How and why the devil get to leggings to the shops?
“He has presented them to me in 2006 and asked, is it not time to take the leggins. I took. ”
P was actually made use of legginsejä for a year and have seen them in international fashion magazines, on trips abroad, trends, charts and carrying agents, at the fair. So, where does the sisäänostaja obtained their ideas.
“I never guess, how big a hit legginseistä will be. Last year was legginsien supervuosi, and today, it is quite obvious that we have them available for sale. But when the first black leggins came kauppoihimme in the spring of 2006, it was not consumers, no big deal. ”
Is forced to release P. He is proven to have taken part in the legginsien, but is not responsible for the emergence of the phenomenon of fashion.
Traces of lead to foreign countries.
Big deal legginseistä came in 2007. When the supermodel and style icon Kate Moss at the Glastonbury Festival in piukoissa pvc legginseissä trudged along.
The action smacks strongly of innovaattorin. It is a term, which the researchers describe in the fashion of the pioneers, so that the rest of us even more justicialist. Often they are celebrities, such as Miss Moss.
In summary the formula goes like this: innovator comes up with puenpa today, the panties in my head. Early omaksuja falls for the style, copied it and passing through the point of strings from. When the early majority looking pikkuhousupäisiä pioneers for long enough, it relaxes and rushes himself in pikkariostoksille.
After some time her panties boasts the doors and Windows. The late majority . When alelaarissa tucked away in the hattupikkuhousut cannot even with discounts of 70%, the number of vitkastelijatkin .
This fall, the majority of the Aleksanterinkatua guess it’s late, but their waddle. I would like to find the innovators in innovaattorin. It does not even seem to be Kate Moss, but his dearest enemy Sienna Miller, at least if one believes the British Daily Mail story in November 2005.
“No, not legginsejä! Save us from the Sienna! “, the Daily Mail’s headline screams.
Kauhistellaan in the case that the trend of the nose Miller is made in a public place wearing leggings. The journalist predicts that if poorly, we all have a point jalassamme spandex.
Thank You, Sienna.
Unfortunately, here too, there is a problem with the final solution. Or actually three. Also, Mary Kate Olsen, Scarlett Johansson, and Madonna was in 2005 with his leggings.
It is hard to believe that the trio would be copying the style Milleriltä or invent the leggings just out of the blue. More likely it is that the celebrity of his time was spent in the fashion week and the Quartet took their ideas to catwalkilta. Some see smoke gun–or in this case the overlock.
In 2005, the underpants fashion do play in the at least Stella McCartney and Givenchy, but for some reason just the Marc by Marc Jacobs legginsarmeija was discovered.
I wonder what Marc Jacobsilla had in mind when he designed the legginsejä? Maybe he wandered the streets as Hennes & Mauritzin designers seeking inspiration in the Stockholm Metro. Or maybe he was bought by the inspiring garment directly to someone off as Zara designers are doing.
We will never know, because neither star pr people does not respond to contact requests.
Fortunately, the legginsmuodin pioneers is in Finland. Marimekko’s artistic director Samu-Jussi Koski was designed by syysmallistoon 2006. leggins Maybe he can tell you, where is the root of the evil.
“It’s really hard to say. After all, fashion is no astronomy. Someone has probably come to mind that leggings are practical. ”
I’m not going to even give up. On the table is half a meter of foreign fashion magazines, who have to wade through. If Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Marie Claire decide that something is fashion, it becomes all the rage. I am sure that the culprit is hiding in the leaves.
Flip, flip, flip.
When you scroll down to the 400-sivuisista järkäleistä värjääntyvät, every page of the fingertips to black. Then it can be found.
In the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, a 2004 staring at their lives tired of model black caprilegginsit on my feet. The paper will leave fingerprints, when I’m looking for a picture next to the kiihkoissani product information: “pants on the Celine, $485”.
What miracle pants?
Tunarointi injected into, that I grab the hand as yet another Vogue. It is the British version of the February 2004. Fashion gasellimainen model posing in the case of John Galliano at Dior by wearing leggings. And they are called legginseiksi!
The cream, is to blame? John Galliano, who grab their ideas on the black kujilta, from people that way. Therefore, from people that I will never meet.
It would seem that I have again the problem.
Stylists Mint Vesalaa make you laugh. He explains how the fashion trends are born, but not in any want to believe.
I do not want to lose a good villain.
It cannot be the case that John Galliano walks down the street, sees one of the cut panty and gets excited to copy the leggins includes products related to. Then it all started is it leikkelijä, not Galliano.
“Heitänpä the question, that the kuoliko legginsbuumi of the 1980s ever? It faded, but somewhere in the sock Department is certainly not all the time legginsejä a”, V more tuskaani.
“Someone in the pioneer is seen on the street, which is still talsinut epämuodikkaan man legginseissä, and thought that, Hey, whether my tasks are that all over again. Fashion is an interpretation. Things are in the air. ”
Syylliseni can be a korsolainen, klubbaileva a, which was delayed in Moscow, rachel or ballet class. No one can know.
But because of the legginsmuoti fade away? Because the Aleksanterinkatu runs out of spandexpepuista? Because I make an end of dreaming nahkalegginseistä?
“It depends on what is the difference between legginsien and trikoiden. Tight pants, not pantyhose, will for a long period of time. ”
Strictly speaking, so long as we are the ones we buy.
The culprit?
It’s me and a idiotic nahkalegginsini.

Piukkojen Dictionary Of

Leggings Body licking pants, ranging generally from waist to ankles. Legginseiksi will also extend to the calf or knee taipeeseen some like it hot pants. Legginsien material is mostly recycled polyamide and elastane mix, but they are also made of cotton, wool, Lycra ® Xtra life fiber and leather.
Tights pantyhose Panty-nilkkapituiset knitted leggings. The material is used, for example, polyamide, elastane, cotton or wool.
Long underwear As its name suggests, long pants. In General, kalsareita does not make a panty, but weld laakaneuloksesta.
Hiihtarit Ski pants came in for the first time in fashion in the 1930s, but their golden age was in the 1950s. Hiihtareissa is usually flexible link, which gauge shall be inserted into the leg under the table.
Damaskit Originally, the word was referring to ihonmyötäisiä, where the men took his shoes pölyttöminä. The word has also been used in children’s terättömistä nylon pants. Today, the damaskeilla can be used to refer to women’s wool trousers.
Leotard The word dates back to the trikooneuloksesta. Today, the term is commonly used as a synonym for legginsien. In particular, although this sports pants are called trikoiksi.

It Began The War

(or legginsien a great little history)
395 BC, an Athenian general in the Iphikrates takes off his army of heavy legginseihin of the Corinthian war, becomes its depictions.
1206 Viking warriors to save the Norwegian Haakonin from certain death and work to escape the child Prince on his back. According to legend, the soldiers at koivunkaarnalegginsit.
1500-a chapter of the North American indigenous people use deer skin made of legginsejä, the Eskimos reindeer leather.
1589 William Lee invents a weaving machine, which makes the socks.
1775 Freedom war the headquarters of the American settlements, preparing to line the leggins are soldiers easier than socks.
in 1939, a revolutionary invention, nylon, will be presented in New York at the fair. Soon the nylon stockings go on sale. Already on the first day of the sale, more than 780 000 pairs.
In 1959 the American factory of Glen Raven Mills launches the pantyhose.
1959 Lycra is discovered.
in the 1960s, alongside the number Caprien will be presented to the same length, but a lot more stringent. They are legginsien.
the 1980s aerobics boom brings leggins and gym halls. The most popular is to combine leggings in a huge T-shirt.
1983, What a feeling … Flashdance-the movie forces the skeptikotkin to obtain a shiny leggings.
the 1990s Leggins are, in particular, in the United States so popular is that they beat the jeans sales figures. The enthusiasm is waning, however, soon and leggins will be lost.
British Vogue February 2004 version presents the John Galliano Diorille-designed transparent leggins,-1 010 pounds.
2004 Harper’s Bazaar presents new forms of the period. The model is the obvious black leggins. Creations, however, called the housuiksi.
2005 Sienna Miller paparazzi photos in a short skirt and a Scud-black legginseissä.
2006 Legginsejä is the autumn shows so much that fashion editors cut between sukkiksistaan in Paris shows the blades off.
2007 Kate Moss bondage-leggins shrugs its’s Glastonbury set.
in 2007 a short denim skirt and black leggings are invading Finland.
2008 Ellos online store are available in 29 different leggins.
2008 Fashion districts with nahkalegginseistä, which is displayed in the Alexander Wang (pictured) and Gucci syysnäytöksissä. Fashion Vanguards of call legginsejään trikoiksi.