Fashion Colors for 2016 Party Dresses

Are you invited to a marriage or an important festival next year? I then present the colors that will be another year for the prom dresses fashion. Don’t see them so that you can choose them to any of them for your dress, and so you can look trendy and of course very beautiful.

Light blue pastel

In the year that comes too will become fashionable colors cakes, especially the blue cake, so do not hesitate for anything in the world to choose for your prom dress. And remember to combine it with nude colored shoes or silver.

Emerald green

This color is really beautiful, and it comes with great force by 2016. You’ll see items of all kinds in this color. Seeks to combine your emerald green dress with golden accessories to make you look elegant and glamorous.


This color is really beautiful. And best of all is to be a must for another year which comes, i want to use for prom dress. And silver will combine it with accessories to make it look spectacular.


This color will be the new pink. The shades of pink never go out of fashion, but their nuances change and become real fashion trends. In this case, one of the chosen of the rose for this year is coral. It combines the coral color with accessories color silver or gold prom dress.


This color will be fashionable again in 2016 and you’ll see it in all the clothes. So do not hesitate for anything in the world to choose it for dress to attend marriage or party will be another year coming. And combine it with accessories silver-colored to make it look fabulous.

Pastel yellow

Do you love the pastel colors? Great!, because they will be fashion trend at the beginning of another year. Blue, yellow, orange, all the colors that you want, but especially the pastel yellow and blue cake. Remember to combine your pastel yellow dress with golden accessories.


Color bordeaux has become in fashion, and i am happy for that because i really enjoy. A color with great force, which can make you that look spectacular in a night party. And don’t forget to pair it with accessories golden color to make it look still more spectacular.
Do you think of these colors that will be fashionable by 2016? Which color would you choose for your prom dress? Don’t forget to leave me your thoughts about this article at the bottom. See you in the next article.