Fashion Show: Vintage View

Wow, I actually managed to get a whole month without blogging around! The New Year is already starting well.But you know me, I am vowing for improvement.

Today I am writing about something long overdue. As early as the beginning of December I was part of a fashion show. Who knows me, who knows that I actually do not really have with the modeling. I feel much more comfortable when I am the one who plucks the models, pushes them into position and for one or the other photo also makes a laugh. That’s why I’m quite right at the Flaneur. When the dear Martina of  Vintage View asked me if I did not want to participate in a fashion show organized by her, I did not hesitate for a long time, because I already knew that it would be a huge fun.
Even when I heard the names of the other models, I was very happy. Either you had known each other already, had already been in contact with Instagram or was simply very curious about each other. So my husbands and I grabbed a nice Sunday and drove in the direction of Wuppertal to the  nostalgic café  in Velbert. There arrived, there was a big “hello” with my dearest  Mrs. Muffin , because she moderated all the fun that day. I am always looking forward to seeing them, because honestly, you are much too rare. I have this energy spraying person just like to love me!
Together we went purely to the other Graces:  Tinka Demand ,  Miss Ruby Red , Miss Blush and Bow  and last but not least, Alex, who is not only pretty, but with the  GI Jive Swing Company  also quite the stage can rock.With these ladys stalking over the catwalk promised to be a special fun. And if we had one, then fun! Behind the stage, you quickly had the impression of being a class meeting. The wonderful hair and make-up fairy Pinky Paradise contributed   to this. Not only sent with her hands, but also with her brisk mouth, she styled on her part chickens like us, but also operates her own shop:  ClockStopper Studios . And quite frankly, the woman is actually too bad to stay behind the stage.
The day was really wonderful! And the most important thing: I’m not in my high-heels fallen to the bliss! I do not want to be professional model in this life any more but at least I enjoy to wiggle over a catwalk. We were also quite well received by the audience, as many of the dresses presented, which were a mixture of originals, retrolabels and the first own collection of Vintage View. The turquoise dream dress is actually still to get hold of. Just as a small hint. You understand.
The whole show was accompanied by  Randy Andy , a photographer, who also nicely took the time to photograph each of us individually in peace. At this point, we would like to thank you again for all the pictures you see here.
In the end, I can only say: I had a great day with all involved and probably have not laughed so much at the end for a long time! And so much I can tell you already, that was not the last vintage view fashion show. Martina has a lot in store. But another time.