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Until a time ago I was afraid to wear backpacks, because I think it was too “teen” or “sports” too much, without offering that certain glamour that the traditional feminine handbags transmit in look. However, lately the backpacks have become more present in the looks and conquering their space for being comfortable and practical at the same time, and not that my opinion has changed and I am super fan of the backpack? In fact, loving and is what I’ve been using lately in my day to day, precisely for the convenience that she offers.

One of the most interesting things is that we can find several models of backpacks from the most basic to the most sophisticated and fashions, and can assemble several looks with them. Today I bring you the backpack models that are making the head of fashionistas and tips on how to use everyday in a stripped look or for a more sophisticated look:

Women’s leather backpack

The fashion leather backpack at simplyyellowpages  is usually more structured, not too large and you can use practically on all occasions because it’s a chic model. It can be used perfectly at work without losing elegance, since it is made of a noble material: the leather.

The black, white and caramel are the ideal colors to invest in that type of backpack to compose a stylish look.

Metallized backpack

For those who enjoy this trend of metallized shoes that by the way are still super high, you will love the backpacks in the same style. They bring a cool, modern air to look.

Always Use neutral parts and accessories, highlighting only the metallized backpack.

Backpack MINI Bag

A great success last summer was the mini bags, which made the women’s head for being ideal when you want to carry a few things in the purse. The mini bags have won a new version:the Mini packs!

In addition to compact and super fluffy, you can find the mini backpacks in different materials and prints pleasing the most diverse tastes, from discreet women to those who love a colorful. So if you like to load just the necessary, you will love the Mini packs, which in addition to greeting the visual gives an extra charm in the look! To supplement, bet on a stylish sandal.

Sports Backpack

If you are the one who does not hand out the traditional backpack ie, sports will love to know that this type of backpack is very high as well. Because it’s a much larger size than Mini, it’s very spacious and you can carry anything you want inside it, leaving you with a sense of freedom and a stripped look, worth using from the Academy to work.

And then the backpack will have room in your wardrobe? Tell Me what kind you liked the most!

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November 12, 2017

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