Fashion Week – What’s, What’s Left?

Apart from the already reported experiences of the trappings, the Berlin fashion week was a huge source of inspiration in trendy ways.

Fashion Week - What's, What's Left

First and foremost a good news: the trend is clearly more individuality. While the fashion dictate à la “the Devil Wears Prada” until recently, it was still quite strict, an exciting dynamic with a key message that I like is created by the popular blogger culture. Nicola Formichetti, Creative Director at diesel, brought it to the Grazia Streetstyle crisp to the point:
“Inspiration is better than copy”.
The Berlin fashion week offered plenty of inspiration feeding of course and I went to the question of what comes and what remains.Layering, so layered look is still a big issue and in particular for us women with style an indispensable Trickmittel to balance proportions. You are flirting with a maroon leather bottom? Go on, you secure a piece of it for the next season. Very accommodating the West trend comes to us. Long West – casual and open – play with our femininity and are large in the. Triangle scarves worn tightly at the neck are not only warm, but especially smart trend and carried, inter alia to roll and stand up collar. Palazzo pants run the fashionable rank the narrow cut Röhrenhosen. The rock-is experiencing a Renaissance no matter whether Bell, pencil and pen: the rock is the new dress…
My main message to you: feel free to and combine what they like. I’m such a “jeans jacketsjunkie” and whether this happens or not, I wear them to the current pencil skirt and thus create my very own look and style.