Fashionable Shoes with Alligator Print?

The crocodile print Perhaps one of the prints on skin more used and sold in the world. Although it is very authentic, the habit of seeing it in print have created in us a habit that each season is made patent collections. It seems that if years ago bags of crocodile they were pure trend, this year are more shoes with a touch of crocodile print on your skin.

Chiara Ferragni still unstoppable, if a few days ago we announced the launch of a new collection capsule for Superga today I can announce that it has also launched your own website dedicated to your shoe collection. Among these, we find some overflowing booties black crocodile print and chunky heel that Chiara has worn without stopping during the New York fashion week, there are no more profitable than their own advertising action Chiara look your designs.
Thinking about it, it is nothing new. We will always have the typical moccasins of the brand as a reference Tod’s with multiple choices in finishes and colors. But what is also true is that this season, perhaps looking style rock that both takes, shoes with “coco” effect they are everywhere and all want to carry a few boots or salons with any part of this material.
To my I particularly like enough, it is a pattern that gives you a lot force any garment whether a jacket of leather or trousers but also accessories such as a bag or a few boots. Is it nothing but fashion never and always gives it a luxury look very interesting look at certain times.
Bloggers from around the world as The Blonde Salad, Song of Style or Collage Vintage already have some pair with this reason in their shoemakers. Almost all of them black, perhaps for being a little less bold and perfectly match all colors of our wardrobe. Can also find quite a few models in beige, with a much more forced and less elegant pattern so the black option is best without a doubt.

Three models with different prices and heights

I’ve searched three different models of shoes, all of them with a touch of crocodile print for you to have different options at different prices and heights.

  • Ankle boots with heel of Golden crocodile, Michal Kors 550 euros.
  • Moccasins patterned crocodile and stones to the pitch, Uterqüe 99,95 EUR.
  • Lounges with heel and platform of crocodile, Mango 79.99 euros.