Fastest Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Is Not

“Mirror on the wall, who has the fastest Smartphone in the country?” This question relatively precisely answered the AnTuTu benchmarking tool with a world ranking.

Update: OnePlus 3 tops them all

Update by the 7 July 2016: In the current AnTuTu ranking the OnePlus 3 with 140.288 points as the fastest Smartphone in the 1st quarter is named in 2016. Samsung slips with the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge thus at # 6 and is almost neck and neck with the iPhone 6s.
Original message from June 9, 2016: On the Smartphone market is the Galaxy S7 Samsung with the OCTA-core processor of Exynos 8890 yet unbeaten, what about the performance? Or? Not at all: the Samsung flagship 2016 only at number 5 of the world’s fastest Smartphone is up-to-date.
It is traded on the German market and also internationally as a the Android powered devices: the speech is of course the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the S7 edge. The two devices are nearly identical and therefore equally performant – up on the transverse display edges -. You can read similar results also in our test of two devices:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7-edge in the test

Samsung Galaxy S7: China all-rounder dethrone South Korea’s flagship

However, the Samsung Smartphone Galaxy S7 is edge according to the benchmark AnTuTu, often as a measure of the speed of a device is no longer approved on 1st place international ranking. The tool, which measures performance mainly on the basis of graphic and write and read tests, the device sets at number 5 of the rankings; followed by iPhone 6 S and iPhone SE. In this ranking are average figures may 2016 users tests carried out to find, so a fairly accurate value.
Not only are all three top Smartphones from China; all three of the group put on enormous 6 GB memory and the Qualcomm processor Snapdragon 820. This combination seems to blend well, since there are so XPlay 5 that vivo elite No.1, LeEco Max 2 on # 2 and the Lenovo ZUK Z2 Pro on number 3 in the AnTuTu rankings. The score ranges from 138.706 the fastest device to 136.853 points for 3rd place.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (edge): Worse than China-smartphones?

In addition to the performance, of course, the quality of a Smartphone plays an important role. And clearly, manufacturers such as Huawei are on a really good way and put on high-quality materials such as metal in the housing. Also let out one must the quality of the camera since the Smartphone camera is often used for quick snapshots and spontaneous video recording. Here, Samsung has according to the professional benchmark DxOMark together with HTC 10 nose front and place 1 on the current list.
What is actually in the current champions of the Samsung? The South Korean Samsung smartphone market leader visited the two devices with the hotel’s own Mercurial UFS 2.0 (this means the abbreviation: “ultra fast storage”) and latest DDR4 RAM with a size of 4 GB out. The hotel’s own eight core of Exynos 8890 has not only has eight fast cores, but supports also the latest 64-bit architecture, which plays also the performance of Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the hands. In addition, the system-on-a-chip (SoC) in the 14-nanometer-process was made, what makes him extremely energy-efficient. As a complete package, Samsung may be so forward, long performance but no longer.
We may but stretched his, what is the South Korean manufacturer in the Galaxy grade 6 and grade 7 has let fall a long wait can to. Maybe Samsung recaptured again ranked first on the AnTuTu ranking himself with the device.