Fendi Sunglasses: The Revolution

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Sophisticated, daring, revolutionary and with a different touch that make them special, so are the Fendi sunglasses. The Italian brand arrives with its sunglasses stepping on.
The exclusive, unique and unconventional designs of the Fendi sunglasses are filling the blogs of the it girl of the moment and is that who can resist colorful designs, with vintage air and a futuristic touch?The look of Karl Lagerfeld has been key in the evolution and revolution of great part of its collections.
In his 90 years of life, Fendi has made everything he has created successful. Their bags, their clothes, their shoes, complements and of course! their sunglasses are a trendsetter. Today we present the collection of the house Fendi , you will not know which of the sunglasses stay We started!

Fendi FF 0060

Do these Fendi sound to you ? Perhaps they are being the most popular brand sunglasses, which are most seen in instagram or are cover photo in some fashion magazines. The  Fendi FF 0060 sunglasses stand out mainly because of the shape of their rods and their frame of very marked geometric lines.You can find them in several colors:
Inspired by this model and if this type of line does not go with your face and you love the roll of this sunglasses you can always opt for these others:

Fendi Jungle

Another sunglasses from Fendi to triumph this season are the Fendi Jungle. They emphasize by their square mount in transparent acetate and degraded effect and their insertions of camouflage. Its rods are made of metal with a palladium finish. You have them available in several tones:

Fendi 0138

Fendi gives a 180º turn to your designs. One that does not go unnoticed is this: Fendi 0138. It is characterized by its cat eye type acetate, angle rods and Swaroski crystals . It carries the triangular detail of metal in the front part of the spectacle.

Fendi Paradeyes

Within the minimalist designs of Fendi we find these sunglasses, the Fendi Paradeyes whose frame cathets stands out for its elegance. Here are some of the available colors:

Discover Fendi

As you see if anything differentiates Fendi is his mount. It is impossible to stay with one of hersunglasses because each of its parts are unique pieces. If you have been left wanting more there are other glasses that fill their catalog with magic.