Festival Look – the Right For the Festival Time!

Festival look – what does fit in?
Since this year, most of us probably connect Festival with Coachella. Because the start of the festival season and consequently the year’s Festival trends with the hippest Festival in California.
But what really makes a Festival? Sleepless nights, one spends, flowers in the hair, short Jean shorts dancing to good music and wavy has falling hair, because not just a hair dryer or a straightening iron to hand – we combine that with festivals.
Even though most festivals take place in the summer, it can be something quite rainy. Therefore, you should necessarily think of boots or rubber boots!
Militarynous has put together a few festival outfits for you to have a brilliant performance!

Festival look – outfit No. 1

The first outfit we have chosen is something sporty! Usually Fransenapplikationen or many colorful details are typical of the Festival look. However, this outfit is perfect for anyone who likes to spice up a simple basics with a few accessories something. A short Jean shorts is an absolute must on festivals, since she can be combined very versatile! Also we find that you are on festivals prefer above around warmer can dress and can show more leg. With this outfit, the jacket sure ensures multiple eye-catcher, because it is decorated with cool embroidery and a colorful pendant.

Festival look – outfit No. 2

The second outfit is somewhat daring, but perfect for the little cooler days suitable. At first sight the blouse of Vila’s ordinary sounds, but through the highlights of lace on the sleeves, conjures up the blouse a slight hippy look and is perfect for every Festival. The Jocelyn seem at first glance certainly somewhat uncomfortable Sandals from Michael Kors , but through the wedge heel with platform you can dance carefree hours with them.

Festival look – outfit No. 3

All good things come in threes, so we have put together a third outfit for you that triggers the current hype in Los Angeles. Patches are currently on the West coast of the trend of fashion and music lovers. You can’t get enough of patches easily. The more and more prominent, the better. They are particularly popular on jackets and denim fabrics. We have taken up the trend and created a casual Festival look for you, which really brings the patches to the validity and makes you to the trendy Musiknerd.
Now since you look around you in our Online Shop and find your suitable Festival outfit.