Final Fantasy: All The Bravest Makes Coming to Android, Albeit Only in Japan

Many know Square Enix and its particular content of mobile games, games with a very high price and always leaving Android at the end, and always giving preference to the Japanese, that if does not give us problems to have root on your phone. Their last game to Android remains with that same policy and is Final Fantasy: All the Bravest.
This game already went through iOS, but the most striking it is not your game mode, which has nothing to do with the rest of Final Fantasy, but with its payment system. To start the game costs around three euros and what is already quite high for a game which is no wonder, but more painful, is the amount of micropayments and how to use them, something that did not to our colleagues from Kotaku no grace.
There are packs of maps of various games, one based on ‘Final Fantasy VII’, another in ‘Final Fantasy X’ and one on ‘Final Fantasy XII’. Each pack 3.59 euros each one, an excessive amount, but that is not the most bloody. It has a whopping 35 characters from all the Final Fantasy, and each costs € 0.89, and would not be bad if it were not because it is a lottery, because you pay for that exit from Squall until a sad Moogle.
In total you can get out for a few 45 euros in case that we want to buy it all, a price that cannot be justified for any game for mobile. Even so, the game has only left in Japan, what you will have to check out the digital Square Enix shop waiting reaching Google Play the game within a few weeks or months.