Finally Holidays Cheaper Phone Calls

Are expensive international calls in the future?  at 58 cents per minute for their own calls abroad (roaming) is in the future. Incoming calls may cost even more than 28 cents per minute. Since June 30, the deadline the EU Commission, which is to turn down the price screw in the European mobile market. And the next price reductions are a foregone conclusion: In the summer of 2009 prices fell 43 cents for outgoing and 19 cents (each plus VAT) for incoming calls are dropped. now have T-Mobile,
Vodafone, E-Plus and O2 a month time to offer their customers new euro prices. Who want to immediately get in such a tariff, must wait another month maximum, then must be converted. Mobile customers, who remain inactive, two months after the receipt of the offer will automatically receive the new tariff. what tariffs apply with my wireless service provider? T-Mobile customers can benefit from cheaper prices abroad since July 1. In the world’s collective calls cost 58 cents per minute. Incoming calls are 28 cents. Vodafone tightened on July 29 with an EU tariff: incoming calls then cost 28 cents per minute, for outgoing calls to be 58 cents charged. the previous travel promise, the grundgebühr – and minimum-revenue-free roaming rates by Vodafone, is already converted to 18 July. With this special roaming rate Vodafone customers abroad pay the domestic fee plus 75 cents per call. Incoming calls cost 75 cents in the first hour, each additional minute costs 20 cents extra. This is worth only if you call often longer conversations in international guiding and also in countries outside the EU (E.g., Egypt, Turkey, and Switzerland). O2 customers must continue to pay the current rates on holiday, because the mobile phone company can be on a changeover of roaming tariffs wait its customers until August 29. Free bookable EU enables customers contract to outgoing and incoming call costs, after all, to 59 cents per minute reduce. mobile operator E-Plus it makes the promise of travel: 25 cents to the domestic tariff must be paid on it. Incoming calls cost only the 25 cent. Special is the holiday however only limited from July 1 to September 30 and in ten selected countries and the respective E-Plus-partner networks. For SMS messages cost comparatively cheap 19 cents.   more in the booklet about the best mobile international rates you read more into the COMPUTER image 15/07. What should I do?  who uses the international rate of E-plus so far, will be automatically converted not as originally announced as of August 1, but comes only from August 31 to enjoy of lower tariffs. Note: If you have however opposed the change in the international rate during the term of your agreement, profititieren you do not automatically by lower prices. Customers who have booked the Vodafone travel promise or the EU option of O2 and want to use the standard EU rate in future, must resign from the previous rate. This also applies to other special international rates. «As quickly as possible to switch to a better deal, you should not wait, but for your destination ask for the optimal tariff from your mobile service provider.