Flat Sandals to Step on Asphalt with Much Panache

The flat sandals they are my favorite for summer. They are comfortable, chic and stay well with almost any look. The ideal is to have a couple of basic models and other more special pair, although the reality is that all just having more. Trends in flat sandals are varied: metallized, ethnic style, crabeater seals… What are your Favorites?

Metallic flat sandals

A touch of brilliance in our feet not comes bad, it gives us a modern and elegant style. You can opt for metallic tones in color pie or acids, they are fun and fresh for the summer or by classic two-tone metallic, color gold and silver.

  • Gold flat sandal from ASOs, by 23,89 EUR.
  • Strap sandal in acid colours of ASOs, per 46,39 EUR.
  • Sandal with ties at ASOs rose 29.16 euros.
  • Orange metallic sandal of Zara, by 17,95 EUR.

Ethnic style sandals

One of the trends of the summer fashion is the ethnic style, the trend also becomes supplements. Opt for a ethnic sandals to brighten up a sober look or to combine with a denim outfit.

  • Braided sandal various colors of Zara, for 29.95 euros.
  • Sandal with beads collection Pikolinos Maasai, by 119,95 EUR.
  • Flat fabric and beaded sandal of Zara, for 39.95 euro.

Crabeater sandals

The crabeater sandals they were typical sandals that we had made our mothers of small to go to the beach. His material was plastic, but now we can see them in leather and fur to carry them down the street.

  • Skin color Mint Heron of Pull & Bear, for 29.99 euros.
  • Heron’s natural skin of Pull & Bear, for 29.99 euros.
  • Heron with strips on Golden colo, of Topshop, for 34 euros.
  • Heron of coral color of Topshop, 36 euros.
  • Heron’s plastic beach of Pull & Bear, for 19.99 euros.

Sandals whim

There are shoes that you when you see them you fall in love madly of them, continually feel sweethearts sandals that have a special touch. Sandals which, for one reason or another, have a touch different from the others. Are Sandals whim, but all deserve to have some.

  • Sandal with Rhinestones jewel of Uterqüe, for $ 99.95 euros.
  • Red and white sandals with Ribbon of Chie Mihara, per 231,40 EUR.
  • Sandal with loop of Mellow Yellow, for 129 euros.
  • Sandals with bright beads of Miu Miu, for 470 euros.

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