Forum of Bicycles Manaus: the City We Have

The Pedala Manaus is a collective movement of the Manauara society that aims to defend the use of the bicycle as a means of transportation, leisure and sports in the capital of Amazonas. The movement is nonpartisan and does not aim at material or financial gain.Participation is open to any person or entity that is in agreement with the principles of the movement. It is coordinated voluntarily by people who believe in the potential of the bicycle as an instrument of transformation of the quality of life in Manaus and other cities of the Amazon.

Since  2010 , the Pedala Manaus movement has stimulated the use of bicycles in Manaus. As a result of this initiative,  the number of cyclists increased  in the streets of the city, such as leisure and sports, but also as an alternative means of transport, adding to the large mass of low-income cyclists who use the bicycle as the main means of transportation daily. However, they all face difficulties that compromise safety and severely limit the spontaneous increase in the number of cyclists on the streets.

Pedala Manaus currently carries out fixed and sporadic activities. Among the fixed activities we have:


The Terça Tradição (night tour in the range of 10 to 15 km)

The Fifth Collective (educational activity of Bike Angel indicated for beginners)


The EBA (Angel Bike School, designed for adults who want to learn to pedal)

The Manaus Pedal on the Trail (Mountain Bike School).

In addition to these activities, Pedala Manaus also conducts lectures at universities, schools, industries, public transport companies and taxi cooperatives, focusing on urban mobility by bicycle, education and awareness for traffic.

Motivated by the crisis experienced in Manaus and other major Brazilian cities experiencing a collapse in urban mobility, Pedala Manaus has been conducting the Manaus Bicycle Forum since 2012, discussing cycling as a very efficient complementary alternative over distances of 5 to 10 km, not Polluting, economical environment that takes up little space, humanizes the city and brings benefits to users’ quality of life, with positive influence on physical and mental health, family economy, environment, social integration and urban mobility.

The successful experience in the accomplishment of the two editions of the Bike Forum Manaus (2012/2013) gained national repercussion, representing a promising strategy to bring together civil society, public power and private initiative to openly discuss the use of bicycles in Manaus, Presenting problems and proposing solutions together.

In 2014 the Pedala Manaus will hold the III Bicycle Forum Manaus: The city we have, the city we want.

Here at CheeroutDoor, it is notorious that the bicycle has consolidated as a viable alternative of transport in the city. It is a common sight to see cyclists as part of the chaotic traffic of Manaus, even though we do not have the infrastructure and education necessary to guarantee the safety of bicycle users.

The Pedala Manaus has been giving continuity in its work of education of cyclists and drivers, although knowing that it is a small work in front of the reality manauara. In the same way, the Movement has contributed to the first cycle adjustments to be implemented by the public power.

It is in this context that Pedala Manaus will hold, with the support of the ALE – State Legislative Assembly through the Committee on Transport, Traffic and Mobility, the 3rd Manaus Bike Forum, which will take place from August 7 to 10 in the auditorium of ALE With lectures, panels and external activities pertinent to the theme.

Intending to foment a technical discussion on the two main axes that cross the reality of cyclists, what are the social and environmental transformations resulting from mobility by bicycle.

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November 12, 2017

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