Friday Humor: Developer Proposed to Her Boyfriend in a Game

We often hear the saying “say it with flowers”, but it is rare to “say it with a game” comes on the pitch.
This Friday after Christmas will our site equal parts of a story that is both romantic and unusual geeky at the same time.
When it comes to fries to the real one, is we often tradition-bound and uses the original “down on your knees” approach, which has proven effect. However, there are also other ways to do that, some more alternative than others.
3D designer Robert Fink belongs without doubt to the latter, and chose instead to develop a small game along with a couple of mates. Her boyfriend, as he had been with for almost three years, was lured to try the game while the whole thing was caught on video. It writes our site.
The game can also be played directly in the browser of your computer here.