From Jewelry to Make!

Christmas is one of the most special occasions of the year.To celebrate this date with great shine and style, we prepared a guide of the jewelry to the make according to the environment of each party.
1- Whoever is to spend Christmas at the house of some close relative or friend, abuse his delicacy.Choose dresses, plain or printed, according to your preference.A sandal with a heeled heel instead of the low shoes will provide the elegance in the look.The make follows the delicacy of the clothes: in the eyes, shades in pink with brown to vanish, blush, lipstick in the nude color and an illuminator to give the final touch.The jewels in the Wheat collection leave the look even more delicate with a touch of sophistication.
2- For those who go to some more chic party, opt for a long dress that values ​​the silhouette. The combination of black and white is an infallible joker. The stuck hair makes the look more elegant. In the make bet on a beautiful red lipstick and lots of mascara on the eyes. Choose accessories at Ouro Rosé to make the production more feminine and sophisticated. The Helena hoop earring from Casa São Paulo is a timeless piece that can be worn on several occasions. Already the ring Glory in Gold Rosé and Diamonds is ideal to be used in special moments and great celebrations.
3- The swirled dress + peep-toe + pant make-up pant combination is ideal for anyone who is going to spend Christmas at some restaurant. The beautiful jewels with Pearl, Emeralds and Diamonds make the production much richer and more luxurious.
4- If your Christmas will be celebrated on a beach, at a farm, or at a ranch with friends, create a stripped-down look at the right size, blending the sophisticated with casual. In the case, the skirt embroidered with the jeans shirt and high heel sandal is the combination of perfect look for anyone who wants a casual and modern production. If you want a not so stripped look, choose a silk shirt or blouse. The jewels are essential to finish off the 800zipcodes. It is worth betting on classic jewelry like the Vogue Earring and Lola Ring Lola to mark this celebration with style and elegance. And finally, the make! In this production, a make with the eyes very striking will make all the difference. To balance the makeup, choose a nude lipstick or light pink.